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Dear NHF Members and Fellow Health-Freedom Lovers,

     For those of you who are NHF members, I want to personally thank you for your membership in the World’s oldest health-freedom organization. Your membership dues go directly and only towards our health-freedom work. However, at this time, those dues alone are not enough to sustain the NHF’s operations. So, I am here now to ask for your help.

Current Efforts

     Frankly, many of NHF’s efforts to protect your health freedom are not publicized widely; and we could do a better job of that. Let me now make that up in small part by listing some of our recent activities here:

  • Obtained NHF Chairman David Noakes’ release from French prison where he had been unjustly incarcerated for healing people of cancer and other diseases using the very safe and effective GcMAF treatment.
  • Publicized the dangers of COVID-19 experimental gene-therapy injections, after having been one of the first (in January 2020) to have pointed out the high survival rate (99.5%) of properly treated COVID-19 patients.
  • Launched a national campaign, along with an active legislative bill in the U.S. Congress, for a nationwide vaccine exemption based upon personal belief.
  • Launched a national campaign to ban bioweapons research so as to avoid the next pandemic, since these researchers are either deliberately releasing lethal viruses or, Three Stooges-like, they are all thumbs and accidentally releasing the viruses. Either way, they absolutely cannot be trusted.
  • Launched efforts to take down the newly created “Disinformation Governance Board,” which will totally eliminate our First Amendment right to free speech. And coupled with asset forfeiture, it will – as Catherine Austin Fitts has argued – result in our complete control and subjugation.
  • Participated in Codex Alimentarius meetings, most recently at the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods, as your staunch advocates for “Safe, Good Foods for Everyone,” an often-forgotten Codex motto when it comes to many other Codex delegations. 

Think of Us as Your Personal Insurance

     Your insurance costs – whether health, life, auto, homeowners, or business and liability – are astronomical, right? And your deductible is probably already as high as they allow to keep your costs low … and even if you never submit a claim, those costs keep rising. They offer you no other benefit or protection as leverage.

     Yet, if you are an active member of the National Health Federation, you are getting massive benefits, information, and leverage in the global arena through our representation of you, among other ways, at Codex on numerous important food standards, including food and dietary-supplement standards that reach your supermarket and your health-food store or online source. And, year after year, decade after decade, we do this at no or very low cost to you!

     You have actual legal representation on a global level at Codex Alimentarius meetings where the NHF represents you and does its utmost to protect you and your family against harmful food additives, contaminants, glyphosate, GMOs, and a laundry list of many other health-destroyers. 

     You also have the leverage of your own NHF lobbyist in Washington, D.C. fighting your battles for you. These battles affect you and your family, your business, and your interests. But, you will never get a bill for this in your inbox or mailbox!

     You have the best lawyers and a team fighting for your right to use therapies of your own choice, and nutritional supplements in true therapeutic strengths unlike anywhere else in the World, going directly against the grain of current WHO, FAO, and UN policies to make sure you have sovereignty over your body and access to what you deem most appropriate for you and your family.

     Have you ever received a bill for any of this? Other than your annual membership dues, no. All of our work and duties in the NHF are time-consuming, and I am forever grateful to the entire team of people contributing plenty of their time, knowledge, and efforts! Our NHF work and duties are supported solely by your generous donations and membership dues! And we need them now more than ever – for the sake of our ability to simply continue our crucial efforts to protect you!

     Most people are still not even slightly aware of what you already know about health and all of the work that still needs to be done … until something serious happens to make it “hit home.” Or, until someone helped them open their eyes to the fact that they were getting massive benefits for their health and overall wellbeing without even knowing about it.

     We are humbly asking now for your support. NHF has run at a heavy deficit recently. It is our desire to serve you in the capacity we do best, and in which no other health-freedom organization can: GLOBALLY, where standards and guidelines are set that impact your daily life, your experience at the grocery store, and ultimately your health. We need your timely support now and in the future to continue so we can simply meet our obligations and cover our basic operating expenses!

     Your and everyone’s health and wellbeing depend upon our work, while at the same time the NHF itself depends completely and solely upon you. YOUR generous donations – of any amount – and membership fee are the sole financial life-force of our existence, literally! Please, make them regular, so we can continue our work and very existence. We are also forever grateful for all of your moral support and for spreading the word about NHF. Only together can we all be strong.

     More than ever, we need you and many new faithful partners to join and contribute monthly to assure our basic obligations are met. It is easy to designate a monthly donation online at – of any amount, or simply use the return envelope stapled in the center of this magazine. Either way, it is a wise decision that will ensure that you and your family have “Your Voice for Health Freedom” still being heard where actual policy is being made!

     Of any insurance you may ever need, this one is the most life-preserving, life-affirming, worthy, and valuable. Will you please keep our NHF concerns and obligations in mind just as we keep yours in our minds every day? Please designate even a small portion of your monthly or annual budget to the NHF and you will have a far better chance of reaping the rewards of knowing that the life you want to live and give to your family is being protected and preserved by the organization that BEGAN the health-freedom movement – the National Health Federation. Since 1955!

Yours sincerely,

Scott C. Tips
President & General Counsel

P.S. We are always open and welcome wholeheartedly all freedom-and-health-minded people because we work for everyone’s wellbeing, freedom, and health. So, please, share our message today, even with your friends and contacts abroad where they may already be able to find a branch of the NHF, and encourage them to become members there locally or else join us online at!

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National Health Federation: Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. The NHF is the only such organization with accredited delegate status at Codex meetings.


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