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Nov. 18, 2022 @ 12:00 p.m. EASTERN (9:00 a.m. Pacific)


Will Congress Grant Amnesty to the Covidians, or Cut-off the WHO & Investigate the REAL Epidemic:  Chronic Disease?

with Guests:

Tom Renz, principal of Renz Law, having blown the whistle on the U.S. Department of Defense’s excess vaxx injuries, is now suing EcoHealth Alliance for $1 billion.

 Brian Hooker, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, Children’s Health Defense, having cajoled William Thompson to blow the whistle on the CDC’s coverup of the measles vaccine connection with autism, published a study implicating the entire vaccine program with the real epidemic:  Chronic Disease.

   James Roguski, author, is building a holistic alternative to the World Health Organization, and leading the fight to resist WHO’s schemes to takeover national pandemic responses.

Hosted by NHF lobbyist Charles Frohman and PR Director Alex Landry

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(1)  Recently, The Atlantic magazine asked for amnesty for the corruption and crimes of the Covidian health tyrants. Tom Renz instead sued the EcoHealth recipients of NIH Gain of Function (bioterrorism) research, for $1 billion dollars. Tom gained fame testifying before Senator Ron Johnson’s heroic hearings, with his U.S. Defense Department whistleblower on excess disability from the shots. NHF hopes you’ll take just the minute required to input your zip code, and to email your Rep and both Senators to ban such research - and hold an  INDEPENDENT investigation of the enormous pandemic corruption we have experienced.


(2)  NHF also wants a true investigation into all of the vaccine shots, not just the ones for COVID-19, and to establish our right to ignore mandated injections for any of them. The National Informed Consent Exemption – pushed by NHF in Congress – would accomplish both goals, with the former accomplished by the bill provision requiring publication of the status of unvaccinated-vaccinated comparison studies. Dr. Brian Hooker already authored one of these studies and, like others, reproduced 4,000% less chronic disease among those families choosing the non-vaccination path to health. Send NHF’s email please for the NICE act, to refocus the nation on the real epidemic: CHRONIC disease.


(3)  While cynically begging for amnesty, the mostly Democrats behind the health tyranny still are seeking national ceding of pandemic response authority to the World Health Organization (WHO). Mr. Roguski has led the grassroots fight to block this globalist scheme of power centralization. He writes instead of a holistic alternative to the WHO. Meanwhile, NHF has an email you can send not only to oppose the WHO power grab, but also oppose nationalization of State vaccine tracking -- and stop tagging of patients with a National ID.


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P.S. As health-freedom advocates approach another holiday season, we hope you appreciate the efforts by NHF to give you a voice not only in Congress but also in the UN’s Codex Alimentarius food-harmonization system. Since 1955, we have defended healers and consumers from over-burdensome regulation and Nature itself from cartelization schemes by the global elitists. You could help these efforts with your energy and support, by emailing Congress on our campaigns, and by considering a one-time or regular donation.


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