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December 16, 2022, at Noon EASTERN TIME (9:00 a.m. Pacific Time)


They’re Researching Bioweaponization to Justify FrankenShots, but COVID-19’s Catastrophe Requires Replacing Public Health with Integrated Health

with Guests:

Robert Malone, M.D., mRNA inventor, warning about FrankenShot development out of viral bioweaponization research

 Paul Marik, M.D., founder, Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, responding to government’s abuse of Frontline Doctors to challenge mainstream medicine itself.

●  Jeffrey Tucker, founder, Brownstone Institute, having enabled the Great Barrington opposition to COVID-19 hysteria, now questioning the entire public-health edifice

Hosted by NHF lobbyist Charles Frohman, PR Director Alex Landry & President Scott Tips

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(1)  Dr. Robert Malone.  COVID-19 continues to worsen disability and death, but not from the “virus” or whatever started the pandemic, but rather from the “vaccine,” gene “therapy,” or whatever that injection really is. When Dr. Malone experienced suppression of his drug-repurposing efforts, he warned the World about the rogue-like turn of bioweaponization research – and how it’s being used to justify increasingly dangerous “Frankenshots.” NHF hopes you’ll send our letter to ban such research.


(2)  Dr. Paul Marik.  Dr. Marik led the frontline effort to treat COVID-19 only to then find himself ostracized from his hospital and harassed by the State Medical Board. Awakened by the Orwellian hysteria, he realized that health care as a field needs an overhaul, including more integrated healing. NHF’s campaign to replace licensing with competitive certification will support this upgrade.


(3). Mr. Jeffrey Tucker.  When our pharma-controlled government suppressed effective, early treatment of its bioweapon, and put all of its eggs into a worldwide “vaccine” mandate, Mr. Tucker worked with the Great Barrington Declaration epidemiologists to defend proper Public Health.  With health care lying at the tip of the spear of the Great Reset behavior controllers, NHF agrees with him that it’s time to revive Ronald Reagan’s budget to drastically reduce the power of the Public Health edifice. One of the problems with Public Health is its reliance on vaccines over better medical interventions. Our campaign to highlight unvaccinated studies as part of a bill to allow a national vaxx exemption will expose vaccines as a major cause of the real epidemic:  Chronic Disease.


(4). Scott C. Tips.  If there remains enough time at the meeting, NHF President Scott Tips, J.D. will provide a brief report on the recently concluded Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting, where NHF spoke out on such agenda items as insect food categories, the toxic vet drug Zilpaterol, and Codex’s antipathy to environmental considerations from pesticide use.

During Q&A you will be able to ask any question of any guest. Kindly find the “reactions” tab at the Zoom controls and click the “raise hand” icon when you want to speak.

P.S. As health-freedom advocates approach another holiday season, we hope you appreciate the efforts of NHF to give you a voice not only in Congress, but also in the UN’s Codex food-harmonization system. Since 1955, the National Health Federation has defended consumers and healers from over-burdensome regulation and Nature from cartelization schemes by the global elitists. You could help these efforts with your energy and support, by both emailing Congress on our campaigns, and making a one-time or regular donation.

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National Health Federation: Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. The NHF is the only such organization with accredited delegate status at Codex meetings.


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