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January 20, 2023, at 12:00 pm EASTERN TIME (9:00 am Pacific)

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Informed Consent Applies to Rogue Wireless Deployment, and No Doctor Should Be Caged for Early Treatment!

with Guests:

      Eric Nupute, D.C., was sued by the FTC for one-half trillion dollars for recommending – instead of the dangerous experiment – the very same supplements promoted by NIH’s Anthony Fauci.

      Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., founder, Institute of Frontier Science, is opposing mainstream’s deliberate disregard of wireless EMF toxic aggravation of chronic disease.

      Gary Bolton, MBA, business school professor and CEO of Fiber Broadband Association, is leading the fiber-optic connectivity efforts for safely building out our nation’s critical broadband infrastructure.

Hosted by NHF Lobbyist Charles Frohman and NHF President Scott Tips

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(1)   Welcome to a New Year! For those keeping score, here’s last year’s Top 10 monthly events by view count and NHF’s 2022 accomplishments. Are our efforts worth a donation so that we can do more lobbying and events? Thank you for saying “Yes”!


(2)   When “Tony” Fauci of the National Institutes of Health recommended Vitamin D as a COVID-19 preventive, the government didn’t expect private-sector doctors to threaten Pharma vaccine profits with such “dangerous” advice. Instead of suing the White House’s former Chief Medical Officer, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) told Dr. Nepute that he is their first target, and they want “blood on their sword.” They are suing him for 10 million violations of the Covid Consumer Protection Act and the FTC Act, reaching $500 billion in penalties. Any self-thinking person knows the government is persecuting Frontline Doctors only to protect pharma’s vaccine profits. Many classes of Americans, such as nurses, still suffer from vaccine mandates in order for them to continue to work. Please send NHF’s letter urging passage of a National Informed Consent Exemption, and publication of unvaccinated studies to highlight the real epidemic of chronic disease and increased overall mortality, caused by experimental vaccines and viral weaponization.


(3)   Governments at all levels have been captured not just by Pharma and Biotech interests, but also by their cronies in Telecom and Utilities. Health advocates struggle to hold back 5G wireless antennas and smart meters from their bedrooms and children’s classrooms, and doctors’ warnings about Electromagnetic Frequency radiation implications in the real epidemic – chronic disease – struggle to gain attention by authorities. Having advised the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Beverly Rubik explores the biofield (Nature’s Wi-Fi), invisible fields transmitting key bio-information, complementary to biochemistry. The wireless market must accommodate the state-of-the-art in medicine, and respect Informed Consent. To expand the types of healers able to deal with worsening chronic disease, we need to reduce or even eliminate monopolistic licensing laws so that certification can allow innovative doctors to respond to consumer demand; send please NHF’s letter urging passage of competitive certification.


(4)   To enable Informed Consent and reduce our exposure to wireless radiation, Mr. Gary Bolton’s fiber industry must succeed in the promise of “Fiber to (& Through) the Premises” (FTTP). Without the advocacy of fiber, Big Telecom will get away with their unchecked wireless deployment – and electro-sensitivity will continue to explode along with chronic disease. Please send NHF’s letter urging congressional wireless mitigation.

During Q&A you will be able to ask any question of any guest. Kindly find the “reactions” tab at the Zoom controls and click the “raise hand” icon when you want to speak.


P.S. As health-freedom advocates greet the New Year, we hope you appreciate the efforts of NHF to give you a voice not only in Congress, but also in the UN’s Codex food-harmonization system. Since 1955, the National Health Federation has defended consumers and healers from over-burdensome regulation and Nature from cartelization schemes by the global elitists. You could help these efforts with your energy and support, by emailing Congress on our campaigns, and making a one-time or regular donation.

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