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April 21, 2023, at 12:00 pm EASTERN TIME (9:00 am Pacific)

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With FDA Ruining Lives via Vaccines & Smothering Pharma’s Competition, Do We Need to Run for Office?

with Guests:

  John Stockton, NBA Hall of Famer, who risked his reputation to start a podcast to discuss vaccinated-athlete deaths and peak performance

  Shelby Thomson, founder of Unjected, a community for unvaccinated humans to connect with each other so they can avoid the terrifying risks from, among other things, reproduction and transfusions associating with those who participated in the experimental jab

     Sina McCullough, Ph.D., founder, Go Wild Healing program and co-host of the Beyond Labels podcast, who will warn us about FDA’s smothering of homeopathy – a holistic alternative to allopathy

●  Jonathan Emord, Free Speech & Nutritional Rights lawyer and current candidate for the U.S. Senate

Co Hosted by NHF President Scott Tips, lobbyist Charles Frohman & Media manager Terri Harrah

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  1. Two months ago, on NHF’s Zoom, Blackrock’s Ed Dowd exposed the data the media continues to ignore on excess over-all deaths since Biden’s vaxx mandate. Mainly the data stems from life and disability insurance reports in group plans – that is, among otherwise healthy workers. At the same time, we’ve seen sudden deaths among healthy, professional athletes. When some celebrities went too public about their resistance to mandates, they suffered societal blackballing, such as what happened in the case of tennis great Novak Dojovic, barring him from international travel and thereby blocking him from participating in tournaments like the U.S. Open. When Mr. John Stockton refused to don a mask while attending games at his alma mater, Gonzaga, he was booted out. Now he has started a podcast to highlight the tragic impact of the COVID-19 narrative on the world’s elite athletes.


  1. Not only has the experimental jab exacerbated death, but it has also hurt family reproduction. For this reason, humans are selecting unvaccinated mates. Ms. Shelby Thomson formed Unjected to facilitate meetings among the 25% of Americans smart enough to decline participation in the dangerous experiment. Her gathering spot offers other services for the “pure” bloods, including hospital transfusions uncontaminated by novel technologies. She’ll discuss how this scrutiny is spilling over into other aspects of living healthier lives.


  1. Smart patients knew even before COVID-19 to ask for a second opinion and seek care outside of the mainstream medical system. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – captured like any other government bureaucracy by the special interests it’s supposed to regulate – does its corrupt best to saddle Pharma’s competitors with restrictions that just hurt access to the care Americans prefer. Homeopathy, unlike “allopathy” (or mainstream care), treats the whole body and seeks the root causes of disease.  Practitioners of this school of healing need legislative help against a recent FDA Guidance that ignores homeopathic-protective provisions of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and would essentially ban any homeopathic protocol lacking “pre-approval.” Homeopathy is especially popular for allergies, arthritis, and pain – each one a billion-dollar market for Pharma. It’s also highly individualized, as Dr. Sina McCullough will show with her approach to healing. Any healing that is personalized is not easily tested on a mass scale for FDA approval. We’ll question whether the FDA can remain a useful tool for protection of the public.


  1. When the FDA tried to smother the Free Speech rights of natural-health companies, former Federal Communications Commission attorney Jonathan Emord won a lawsuit filed by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw holding FDA censorship of nutrient-disease relationship claims unconstitutional. Mr. Emord has a wonderful solution how to use property titling to guarantee the First Amendment, something sacrificed in an era of narrative censorship. Indeed, as the author of The Authoritarians, if elected to the U.S. Senate he would rival Rand Paul as the best politician for liberty and against the tyrants now in charge of the health bureaucracies at FDA, as well as CDC, NIH, and HHS (and FCC). He’ll also probe whether more of us should run for office.

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