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Master researcher/compiler Scott Sutton has just completed the latest edition of his manuscript on real COVID-19 science. The National Health Federation (NHF) and the Foundation for Health Research (FHR) websites are updated with this new release, which you can find here:

COVID-19: The Science We Should Know (TSWSK)

The Overview on page 1 of the document explains the purpose of Sutton’s compilation of the science detailing the dark side of this bioweapon. The full document contains more than 1,100 categorized, primary-source references along with key excerpts. This is an incredibly useful resource material totaling 624 pages of information.

If you are short on time, a “Reader’s Digest” PDF provides an abbreviated version of TSWSK with short snippets for some of the 300+ newly added references. You can find the short version here:

Please note that TSWSK now also includes a handful of new categories:

ü   All-cause Mortality, Excess Deaths, and Disabilities in the COVID-19 Era

ü   CDC/FDA Definitions of “Vaccine” and “Gene Therapy”

ü   COVID-19 “Vaccine” Ingredients, Quality Control, and Batch Inconsistencies

ü   Biodistribution of COVID-19 “Vaccines”

ü   Credentialed Opposition to Further Distribution of COVID-19 “Vaccines”

ü   Personal Testimonials and Documentaries on Vaccine Injuries

There is no cost for you to access this treasure-trove of information on COVID-19 science. Use this material to bolster your own arguments and/or presentations on the subject.

Above all, share these two links far and wide so that we can overcome the heavy censorship and suppression that have long bedeviled any open, frank, and full discussions about COVID-19, its origins, treatments, the lockdowns, and of course the so-called “vaccines” that were rushed to market and first tested on a all-too-trusting world population.

In fact, the 2020 to 2022 mantra of “Trust the Science” has in 2023 become a very hollow joke, as this compilation of COVID-19 science reveals. Read it for yourself. Then spread the word.

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