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Friday, July 21, 2023, at Noon, 12:00 pm EASTERN TIME / 9:00 am Pacific

Where Do We Make Our Stand for Health Freedom – in Our Bodies, with Local Control, or in the Skies Above?

with Guests

●  Dr. Kirk Moore, plastic surgeon, arrested for allegedly giving saline shots, and illegally granting health cards as proof of participation in the “vaccine” experiment that has aggravated disability and death

Odette Wilkens, Founder, President and General Counsel, Wired Broadband, Inc. on committee-passed preemption of local rights to halt Big Telecom’s rogue wireless antenna deployment

●  Jolie Diane, founder of americans4acleanatmosphere, on Rhode Island’s response to Biden’s threat to fill our skies with geoengineering experiments


Co-hosted by NHF President & General Counsel Scott Tips, Lobbyist Charles Frohman, and Media Manager Terri Harrah


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(1)   It has been alleged that numerous professional athletes used fake vaccine cards to remain in their lucrative profession without having to risk death or disability from participation in the COVID-19 vaccine experiment. They broke the law, but did they commit an immoral act? Founding Father Thomas Jefferson labeled civil disobedience as the highest form of patriotism, and can there exist any act more patriotic than opposing the global elitists who use healthcare as a cover to assault our lives and property? Perhaps Congress should pass a resolution in honor of Dr. Moore’s rescue of thousands from having their lives ruined. (And why must Americans suffer under medical mandates? Send NHF’s email now to demand a National Informed Consent Exemption.)


(2)   As some Americans successfully set back wireless antennas locally at a greater distance from their bedrooms and children’s classrooms, Ms. Wilkens will inform us as to how Congress has passed bills in a committee to preempt these local threats to Telecom’s free rein to envelop humanity in a mesh of privacy- and health-threatening electromagnetic radiation emissions. Please send NHF’s email urging your politicians not to preempt local rights to set back ugly and dangerous wireless antennas.


(3)   In exacerbation of the globalist theory regarding climate change, unelected international agencies and unaccountable individuals are coordinating stratospheric aerosol injection geoengineering (SAI) and other hazardous atmospheric testing programs that have been and still are polluting our skies – ostensibly to block the Sun and modify the weather. States like Rhode Island and Connecticut, as Ms. Diane will show, have proposed bills to combat geoengineering. However, Federal policy is providing funding for more of it – without an active role for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in enforcing Clean Air Act’s and Clean Water Act’s mandates. NHF has an email you can send to your representatives to ban geoengineering and the Federal government’s own air and environmental pollution.



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