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Friday, August 19, 2022, at 12 p.m. Eastern Time (9 a.m. Pacific)


Still Time to Help Djokovic Play in the U.S. Open

and to Protect Dietary Supplements

We’re joining a lawsuit, too, to protect Federal employees from COVID-19 Injection Mandates, and demanding more from politicians we support


with Guests:

      Graham Wise, Senior Legislative Assistant, Office of U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

      Joel Wallskog, M.D., Co-Chairman, React19.org

      Andy Schlafly, Counsel, Association of American Physicians & Surgeons

      Lauren Bradford, Legal Director, America’s Frontline Doctors

      James Lyons-Weiler, CEO, Institute for Pure & Applied Knowledge

      Scott Tips, President & General Counsel, NHF

Co-Hosted by NHF Lobbyist Charles Frohman and PR Director Alex Landry


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On the Agenda:

      As proven and reported on Fox News, the COVID-19 shots are the most dangerous in history, injuring millions and killing countless thousands. The government and media, unfortunately, continue to downplay this crime against humanity. Sadly, most mainstream voters and doctors believe the narrative protected by vicious censors. Dr. Wallskog was one of those who believed – at least until he was harmed – and saw the unconscionable suppression of the casualties. As a consequence, he started React19, for two main reasons: (1) to demand honesty in coverage and reporting on the level of vaccine destruction; and (2) to offer resources for those actually injured so that they could find healing and support. Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Biden’s mandate for most workers, the Court lost its path when it came to nurses, soldiers, and Federal employees, all of whom remain forced to participate in this deadly experiment, or else lose their job. Mr. Schlafly and Ms. Bradford will detail the latest court case for which the NHF is supporting an amicus brief.

      After getting coverage in Epoch Times and Dr. Malone’s Substack for the letter we drafted for a bicameral group of members of Congress to send to the FDA – asking the Agency to stop the “emergency” COVID-19 injection for toddlers – Daily Caller also wrote about the letter we had initiated for Representative Gohmert to send to the President to lift the unvaxxed traveler ban keeping tennis icon Novak Djokovic from playing in the U.S. Open and barring entry by every other lawful but unvaccinated visitor. Involved with both projects, Mr. Wise will also discuss Rep. Gohmert’s bill we helped draft, which bill would allow exemption from ANY vaccine and clean up vaccine science with unvaccinated comparison study requirements. On the study requirement, Dr. Lyons-Weiler will share an update on his study with Dr. Thomas, how most of his patient appointments for follow-up problems occurred with the vaccinated, not the opposite.

      In addition to sending NHF’s letter above to help Novak and other unvaxxed visitors, we hope you will send our other letter urging your Senators and Representative to cosign Congressman Duncan’s letter demanding deletion of the Dietary Supplement Mandatory Listing requirement in the FDA User Fee Reauthorization. Such a requirement, if implemented, would bankrupt smaller manufacturers and bar from sale those supplements that the FDA decides do not meet the definition of supplements, such as NAC, which fights COVID-19, and the increasingly promising CBD. Mr. Tips can explain the threat to our precious supplements.

      Finally, we need to make politicians feel the fear of re-election loss should they continue to threaten our health. Please send NHF’s candidate questionnaire to your national reps and senators.  Only AFTER completion of the above task, note in the link instructions for sending a SECOND email to your STATE incumbents, and then how to reach their CHALLENGERS.

P.S. It takes just a minute to scroll down any of our campaigns to send an email to Congress.  Don’t forget to send emails opposing further globalization (and nationalization) of pandemic response and vaccine tracking, abolishing viral weaponization research and demanding an independent covid corruption investigation, expanding Health Savings Accounts for patient empowerment and dietary supplement purchases, replacing licensing with safe harbors and competition certification, and mitigating wireless antenna deployment.  NHF staff can take questions in the Zoom meeting on any of these important efforts.

P.P.S. These campaigns and other NHF projects cost money.  You could raise our profile in Congress and the media by pledging a monthly amount now, even if as low as $5.


As a recipient of this alert, automatically an hour before the event you will be emailed the zoom to join.  Share please this email with friends, inviting them to subscribe.

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