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None Can Stand Aside with Unconcern

August 17, 2023

I would like to thank you, our health-freedom family around the U.S. and the World, who anticipate and with heartfelt donations supply our financial needs, especially since the National Health Federation (NHF) has not communicated its need for support for quite some time. As the World’s oldest health-freedom organization – 68 years since its founding – and the only one accredited by Codex Alimentarius to argue for safe global food standards, we have both the experience and the wisdom to speak on your behalf at both domestic and worldwide forums.

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For those who have not yet partnered with us with funding, kindly note that the National Health Federation’s ongoing, basic financial funding requirements are always and only met by you as we accept NO government funding, and through your support and campaign participation we can make your voice heard for health freedom.

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“No one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. Nonce can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. Whether he chooses or not, every man is drawn into the great historical struggle, the decisive battle into which our epoch has plunged us.” – Ludwig von Mises


Here’s our Report on what the Federation is doing now to help protect you & your family:

1. Congressional Lobbying for Health Freedom. The Federation has worked tirelessly in Congress promoting our health-freedom agenda. The funny thing is that with Congress adjourning for this Summer break, health freedom actually retains the best position it has had since the passage in 1994 of the law protecting dietary supplements from over-regulation. “Best position,” you might ask? Yes, because of governments’ overreactions to the “pandemic” (which have revealed them to be the inept authoritarians that they truly are), the commitment of the Republican House of Representatives to continue hearings on COVID-19 corruption, and the continued blind determination of governments and medical institutions to push more COVID-19 tyranny, more and more people are waking up to the reality that government is the problem and not the solution!

2. Opposing COVID-19 Mandates. Several colleges still maintain COVID-19 vaccine mandates, several State and local governments still require masks in certain health settings, and the White House Occupant himself is trying to vacate the Federal court ban on his cruel vaccine mandate for half of America’s workers. And in those States that have not yet prohibited or removed COVID-19 vaccine mandates, health institutions and private employers can still force their workers to take the vaccine, which continues to elevate All-Cause Mortality by huge percentages.

One positive outcome resulting from the government’s grossly excessive pandemic response is that American parents are increasingly hesitant for their children to get injected even with non-COVID-19 vaccines. This has become such a problem for the Medical Mafia that Hillary Clinton’s daughter has started a public-relations campaign to boost all childhood vaccines, and States such as Massachusetts are resuming their attack on religious vaccine exemptions. Both through education and political action, the Federation has opposed the mandates that are sending so many Americans to an early grave. (For politicians, we suggest you send to your representative our NHF questionnaire to find out where they stand on important health issues.)

We all need protection on the Federal level that encompasses the right to decline vaccines or any other medical procedure, and proper government study of the real epidemic (chronic illness). Our National Informed Consent Exemption bill, introduced in the last Congress by Congressman Gohmert (R-TX) and pending re-introduction in the current Congress by Representative Miller (R-IL), would effect both goals. You can help us also by sending our email to your politicians, to cosponsor this bill. After that, please send another email to urge co-sponsorship of our other vaccine bill – to restore injury liability onto Big Pharma’s shoulders, right where it belongs, which should bring a halt in no time to all to Big Pharma’s truly un-scientific vaccine sales.

3. Putting a Stop to Wireless Pollution. We need to stop wireless antennas from being installed outside of our bedrooms and children’s classrooms so that we all won’t be injured by the wireless industry’s radiofrequency and microwave radiation emissions, which are proven disruptors of human and animal health. One bill was just passed in committee that would preempt all local government rights to enact wireless-antenna moratoria, conduct environmental impact reviews, and even enforce historical preservation limits. Send the Federation’s letter urging defeat of this attempt at wireless preemption.

4. Speaking Out for You Globally. For nearly seven decades, the NHF has campaigned against pesticide, herbicide, and Big Pharma drug use on crops and livestock. And in the last two decades, strengthening toothless and diluted Codex global food standards for such toxins has been one of our main goals at the global Codex Alimentarius Commission and committee meetings, where I am proud to say that the Federation’s views are respected and even sometimes victorious.

Big Pharma is raising the stakes for our farms, however, with the introduction of mRNA vaccination of pigs and, soon, cows and chickens. That is a new battlefront that has developed and one we take seriously.

Fortunately, on the issue of pesticide use in the United States, a coalition seeks to strengthen pesticide limits via a bill introduced by Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), provisions of which we hope to insert into the Farm Bill. NHF also invites emails from you to your Congressional representatives to both end, or at least properly label, Frankenfood (which are foods altered from their natural state by the use of pharma products or genetic engineering) and make the EPA at last take seriously the need to protect consumers from carcinogenic crop pesticides.

5. Protecting Supplements. Last year, the Federation successfully partnered with the Natural Products Association (NPA) to defeat a Congressional proposal that would have empowered the FDA to block new dietary-supplement ingredients. Building upon that success, we have begun efforts in Congress to block all appropriations to the FDA for its guidance that requires pre-approval of homeopathic remedies, and to solicit cosponsors for Rep. Morgan Griffith’s (R-VA) pending bill to protect natural compounding remedies from similar FDA pre-approval requirements. Please support these efforts by sending NHF’s email to protect natural homeopathy and compounding.

6. Opposing the WHO Power Grab. Not only does the Federation seek to block any appropriations for the FDA’s pre-approval guidance for homeopathy, but we are also lobbying for spending suspension in this year’s appropriations bill for all World Health Organization (WHO) funding. The WHO wants total global control of all national healthcare measures undertaken during any future pandemics, a process that will lead, among many other things, to the surrender of every nation’s health sovereignty to the WHO, which could then implement global vaccine passport travel requirements and even coercive mandatory medical procedures. No nation that is a member state of the WHO could escape its totalitarian measures. Please send the NHF’s email demanding U.S. separation from the global elitists at the WHO.

7. Opposing Harmful Geoengineering. Not only are the special interests using government to exacerbate the real epidemic (chronic disease) via over-vaccination, sickening Frankenfood, a wireless envelopment, and the elimination of natural healthcare; but they also lie about climate risks in order to “justify” polluting our air with toxic metals. Seeking to “dim the Sun,” Biden has proposed dangerous and indefeasible geoengineering experiments, which States like Rhode Island and Connecticut promptly introduced bills to ban. NHF invites you to join us and support the States over the White House’s diabolical proposal.


            All around us we can see that our country is in trouble, that everything from our food to our water to our air, and consequently to our very body, is becoming increasingly poisoned with harmful chemicals. We all can see that our political representatives no longer seem to heed our wishes but instead only obey the dictates of distant, unelected princes and big corporate interests.

As the great economist Ludwig von Mises once said, no one can stand aside with unconcern. Whether we wish it or not, ALL OF US are getting swept up into this maelstrom where we must fight to preserve and expand our freedoms or else lose them all to a new technological Dark Age where we are the short-lived, half-alive and half-aware serfs and slaves answering to an invisible elite that thinks it knows best. There are no bystanders in this fight. We ask that all of you join with the Federation, in every possible way that you can, to help us restore and enhance our freedom, health-freedom rights, and to prevent the kind of totalitarian medical responses we had forced upon us during the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

Yours in Health Freedom,

Scott C. Tips

President and General Counsel



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