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Friday, Sept 15, 2023, 12:00 pm (noon) EASTERN TIME / 9:00 am Pacific

“They” Are Poisoning the Water & Food, and Outlawing Personalized, Natural Healing

with Guests

   Rick North, advisory committee member, Fluoride Action Network, on the damning National Toxicology Report’s findings of links between fluoride and lower IQs and its influence on the upcoming trial early next year against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allowing water fluoridation.

●  Tom Renz, CEO, Renz Law & Consulting, on industry’s application of the terrifying gene-altering vaccine technology from humans into animals, and the devastating impact factory farms will have on livestock and our food (and health).

●   Paola Brown, Founder & President, Americans for Homeopathy Choice Action (AFHC Action), on the congressional effort to prevent the FDA from arbitrarily withdrawing safe homeopathic medicines.


Co-hosted by NHF President & General Counsel Scott Tips, Lobbyist Charles Frohman, and Media Manager Terri Harrah


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(1)   It may come as a shock to some that fluoride in our public water supply, which health authorities have for seventy years touted as “safe and effective,” is neither. It usually comes in the form of fluorosilicic acid, a hazardous waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. Water fluoridation is one of the most widely rejected public health practices in the World, and many European nations have banned it. The lawsuit against the EPA for allowing it is based on a wealth of scientific studies cited in a draft National Toxicology Report linking it to lower IQs in children. It’s coming to a head with a second phase of the trial scheduled for January 2024.


(2)   These same Americans – programmed by TV to obey white-coated scientists – are oblivious to COVID-19’s “elephant in the room”: the excess deaths among the COVID-19 vaccinated. And when the iconic Dr. Joe Mercola blew the whistle that the gene-altering technology was now in the nation’s pork, and soon its beef and chicken, activists went into action to ban (or at least label) the Frankenshots for livestock (under the leadership of Mr. Renz) starting in Missouri but hopefully in other States. NHF has a campaign for farmers to stop contaminating our food, including supporting Rep. Thomas Massie’s (R-KY) appropriations amendment to defund “edible vaccines.”


(3)   Not only is industry hurting us by way of our food and water, but they’re also goading their captured agencies to limit our efforts to heal the damage from these poisonings. As Ms. Paola Brown will explain, her grassroots network at Americans for Homeopathy Choice Action (AFHC Action) is working hard for Congress to accept into its appropriations bill an amendment that would prevent the FDA from arbitrarily withdrawing safe homeopathic medicines. This language would direct the FDA to focus on real problems with products labeled as homeopathic while preventing the agency from arbitrarily removing safe homeopathic medicines as they did with injectable homeopathics. With growing understanding of the failure of chemical prescriptions to stem the real epidemic (chronic disease), homeopathy’s personalization of treatments will only grow in importance for desperate patients.  Send NHF’s email for your politicians to accept this amendment.

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