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Friday, Sept 16, 2022, at 12 pm Eastern (9 am Pacific)

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Who Will Finish First before the Fall Elections - Pharma or Health?

It’s down to the wire on the FDA’s attack on supplements, but the lawyers are on the case for censorship and trial fraud. 

And, will the CDC get away with mild reforms?

Plus, who’s paying attention to the Technocracy’s continued surrounding us with the wireless control grid?


with Guests:

      Jenin Younes, Litigation Counsel, New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA)

      Brook Jackson, former Clinical Trial Auditor and Regional Director of Ventavia Research Group

      Karl Denninger, Founder, The Market Ticker

      Joshua Hart, Director, Stop Smart Meters

      Scott Tips, President & General Counsel, NHF

Co-Hosted by NHF lobbyist Charles Frohman and NHF PR Director Alex Landry


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On the Agenda:

      The NHF-contributed amicus brief has been submitted, to cajole America’s 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm a lower-court stay on one of the still-remaining COVID-19 vaccine mandates (for Federal workers).  With the bombshell EXCESS DISABILITY AND DEATH reports from insurers, actuaries, funeral homes, and some (non-manipulated) government data, how are the warnings from scientists, doctors, experts, and whistleblowers STILL BEING CENSORED in the media?  Turns out the discovery in NCLA’s lawsuit – with several State Attorneys General – against the White House Occupant has exposed several Federal agencies colluding with the Technocracy’s social media platforms in censoring those whose exercise of free speech rights could have spared so many casualties of the plandemic.  Ms. Younes will explain how bureaucrats still “are resisting their obligation to disclose the names of all the public servants [especially Fauci] who were involved in this unlawful scheme.”

      Why is Fauci resisting discovery?  Is it because he oversaw corruption in managing Pharma’s emergency vaccine authorizations?  Ms. Jackson oversaw more than one of the trials that led to this “approval,” and got fired when she courageously blew the whistle on Pfizer’s failure to follow up on vaccine injuries, unblinding of trials to sabotage the comparisons with a placebo, and falsifying reports.  When her attorney Robert Barnes sued for False Claims, Pfizer tacitly admitted the fraud, but incredibly defended it because “the government continued doing business with them” and thus must have been okay with the fraud.  Our courts of “justice” actually allow this insane defense.

      Despite having no problem committing crimes against humanity with their plandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suddenly is open to reform of themselves, but not one that would reduce their ability to wreck lives and livelihoods.  They actually want more power to capture data derived from the State governments.  NHF has a campaign to prevent nationalization of State vaccine registry information, and Mr. Denninger blogged recently how only ABOLITION would make a worthwhile reform of the CDC, a position that the NHF thoroughly agrees with. 

      One reform NHF supporters need to advance before Congress adjourns for the mid-term elections is to assure safe access to dietary supplements, including those like NAC that compete with Pharma for COVID-19 treatments.  With nearly 40 years of experience in fighting for health freedom, NHF President Scott Tips will explain why each of us must send NHF’s campaign email to delete the Mandated Listing of dietary supplements from the FDA User Fee Reauthorization bill.

      Finally, folks are connecting the dots, that all of this is not just about not leaving any humans without their precious injection.  It’s called “biotech” for a reason, and its Telecom and Utility arms are busy linking up everyone’s meters with the Internet of Things and the rogue deployment of wireless antennas outside everyone’s bedroom, classroom, and office.  Mr. Hart will advise scared homeowners how to stop their house’s safe, effective analog utility meter from being replaced by the dangerous and invasive smart meters.

P.S. It takes just a minute to scroll down any of our campaigns and send an email to Congress.  Don’t forget to send emails: (1) opposing further globalization (and nationalization) of pandemic response and vaccine tracking; (2) advocating the abolition of deadly viral weaponization research and demanding an independent COVID-19 corruption investigation; (3) calling for an expansion of Health Savings Accounts for patient empowerment and dietary-supplement purchases; (4) replacing professional licensing with safe harbors and competitive professional certification; and (5) mitigating wireless antenna deployment.  NHF staff can take questions during the Zoom meeting on any of these important efforts.

P.P.S. Of course, these campaigns and other NHF projects cost money.  You can help make a difference in the World pledging a monthly donation now, even if it is as low as $5.  With enough financial support NHF can continue to keep the pressure on Congress and Codex to move in the right direction.

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