b'Preventive Medicine for Viral IllnessesBY BILL SARDIE veryone,peopleofanyage,shortage of zinc. take selenium, a tracesules, three times a day. Antibiotics kill bacte-shouldbetakingbetaglucansEveryone shouldria, but not viruses. (Viruses arent even alive to boost their immunity becausemineral that releases zinc from its bindingand they are expelled by the cells or must they seem to work far better thanprotein, metallothionein. Selenium preventsenter living cells in order to be replicated.) vaccines. (I myself like the Wellmune brandviral mutations.To replace good gut bacteria after the use by far the best.) Beta glucans provide broadEveryone should be taking l-lysine dailyof any (almost sterilizing the gut) antibiotics immunity against all viral pathogens andtokeeponboardvirusesdormant500(like Zithromycin) consume, among other produce what is called trained immunity. mg for adults when ill, and avoid choco- things, sauerkraut (rich in live bacteria) and Every adult should be taking 8,000 I.U. oflates and nuts, which are arginine-rich andsupplement temporarily with probiotics.Vitamin D daily (2,000 I.U. for small chil- counter the lysine. L-lysine is also goodWhen ill, with shortness of breath, nasal, dren) up to a total intake of 50,000 I.U. if ill,againstallherpes-classviruses,suchassinus,bronchialissues,useanebulizer for a period of five to seven days, to replen- human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes labi- (mist machine) with 3% hydrogen perox-ish the liver stores while also getting somealis (cold sores on the lips), shingles, Bellsideit will keep you out of the hospital. natural mid-day sunshine directly on thepalsy, and chickenpox. If no nebulizer is available, then get into a skin for at least 20-30 minutes, if possible,Everyone should take Vitamin C, 500- shower with very hot water and breathe in to get ones natural Vitamin D. Regarding1,000 mg 3 times a day; when ill, take 3,000the mist to loosen bacteria and viruses off of dose, there is a research report entitled Themg Vitamin C 3-4 times a day; and/or For- mucus linings. MEDNEB is a good brand of Big Vitamin-D Mistake that you can find on- mula-216 at bedtime as there is evidencenebulizer. Download the free e-book called line. Vitamin-D3 drops are available for in- that it provokes the body to produce Vita- Rapid Virus Recovery by Dr. Thomas Levy, fants, toddlers, and others who may not bemin C internally and doubles Vitamin-CM.D., on how to use a nebulizer. You might fond of swallowing tablets or capsules. blood levels without consumption of di- consider having a nebulizer on hand since Everyone should be taking zinc30 mgetary or supplemental Vitamin C. Vitaminyou wont have time to wait for the delivery for adults (15 mg for children under 12 yearsC is available as liquid or gummies for theof a nebulizer when you are seriously ill or of age) if ill with nasal, sinus, and/or bron- very young children. gasping for breath.chial problems; one can also use zinc loz- In fact, when ill, take: Further, many severely ill people are con-enges, preferably with an ionophore such as500 mg of NAC (N-acetyl cysteine),tacting pushhealth.com for Ivermectin and quercetin. (One such source would be Z-19which is also excellent for the lungs. Hydroxychloroquine, which they can ar-zinc lozenges, available at Lifespan Nutri- Inositol (a lung surfactant), up to 500range to have delivered to their local phar-tion). Keep in mind, though, that taking toomg, if short of breath. macy. Others contact Americas Frontline much zinc results in zinc being bound upResveratrol, but no more than 250 mgDoctors to obtain medication and a consul-and not bioavailable. For children, there isper day. It can also be used as a pre- tation with a physician.liquid zinc. Zinc supplements are generallyventive. Be aware that hospitals have financial in-harsh on the digestive tract and taste terri- Monolaurin(derivedfromcoco- centives to admit and treat you: the emer-ble, so be careful. Zinc should be taken withnut oil) to boost immunity. Licoricegency room may therefore send you back meals to help lessen this problem. Also, zincroot extractalso well-known in thehome (temporarily) if ill while knowing carnosine is less harsh on the gut. Lack ofancient Traditional Chinese Medicinewell that three or five days later (incubation zinc also results in thymus gland shrink-is a powerful tool for immunity as itperiod) you may return terribly ill and need age. The thymus gland makes T cells thatis an anti-viral agent. hospitalization.destroy viruses and help us fight infection.In lieu of taking antibiotics, some peopleObtain a fingertip Oximeter to determine Loss of smell, commonly reported amonguse very successfully oil of oregano capsuleson the spot the oxygen saturation of your COVID-19 patients, is often induced by a(active ingredient carvacrol), in three cap- blood. It should be over 90. If short-of-H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 11'