b'The Presiding Judge also announced that the final decision on the appeal itself would be delivered on February 28, 2022. This de-cision will cover the following issues: the length of the prison sentence, property sei-zure, and the prosecutions request for no-tice publication of the verdict in a French newspaper of general circulation.Day Four of the Appellate Trial (December 13th)On this Monday afternoon, the Presiding Judge Sylvie Madec solemnly announced thedecisionofthethree-judgeappeals court on David Noakes release from prison, after being held there for 18 months. David attended via a Zoom connection with one ofattorneyPhilippeOhayonsassociate lawyers and a translator in the courtroom. Daniel Hofnung and I were present in the David Noakes and Scott Tips celebrating Noakes release from prison courtroom to hear the decision, which was issued at 1:46 p.m. local time.the French users of GcMAF had refusednecessary. In some countries the libertarianThePresidingJudgewithDavid chemotherapy, and that the choice was notthought is strong, but not in France, MatreNoakes listening and looking on from two between GcMAF and chemotherapy, butOhayon observed to the Court. large screens set into the courtroom wallbetween GcMAF and nothing! (This wasIn the end, Ohayon reiterated the pointsdecreed that David Noakes was to be set an important point because the prosecutionmade previously supporting the release offree immediately, to stay at a private home was claiming that David had stolen pa- David Noakes. The Court had listened at- in France, with the right to travel imme-tients away from life-saving chemotherapytentively during Ohayons entire 48-min- diately to the UK for his mothers funeral to use fraudulent GcMAF instead.) ute concluding arguments, but I didnt seeon December 17th but required to return Matre Ohayon then made it clear thatthemtakingnotes.ThePresidingJudgetoFrancenolaterthanDecember23rd. David had not been in this business to makethen turned to David Noakes and told himOnce back in France, David must report to money but rather it had become a causethat now was his time to speak. the local police station once a week, every for him! He believed in GcMAF and wantedSo,severalminutesbefore5:00p.m.,Thursday. And then, on February 28, 2022, to save peoples lives. Whether he was mis- David Noakes told the Court that, I amhe must be in French court again to receive taken or not, it didnt matter because theregoing down and down every day. I cannotthe final Appellate Court verdict. David weremanydoctorsouttherewhosup- even now form my thoughts for conver- thanked the Court for its compassion.ported Davids position. sation. I just want to be free to live a quietThis is wonderful news and the court of Ohayon added that sometime in the fu- life. He then sat down. I think that theappeals showed true compassion towards ture we will look back on chemotherapy injudges listened to him sympathetically. AtDavid that was utterly lacking at the trial the same way that we now look back on theleast thats what I tell myself. courtlevel.ThePresidingJudgeSylvie 16th-century use of leeches (sangsue inThe Presiding Judge then repeated whatMadec and her two fellow justices, Claire French). It is simply, he continued, that manyshe had said the previous day about a de- DUrsoandThierryPerrot,deserveour people do not yet know about GcMAF. cision on Davids release to be made on thegratitude for releasing David on compas-Matre Ohayon noted that even the Brit- following Monday, December 13, 2021, withsionate grounds.ish judge in Davids earlier UK trial forDavid having the right to appear in CourtAfter leaving the courtroom, I rented a distributing GcMAF in the UK was of thein person or by Zoom link. The Judge andcar and drove to the prison. Arriving there opinion that GcMAF had value. The prod- Davids attorney persuaded David that theat 7:20 p.m., I had to wait slightly more than uct is not dangerous, Ohayon emphasizedbetter choice was to stay in prison and re- two hours for David to emerge so I could to the Court.ceive the decision by Zoom link. (Keep intake him away from there. At long last.Ohayon quoted Professor Deforce, whomind that it takes David at least 4 hours eachBut, above all, thank you all who sup-had made a meta-analysis of medical pub- way to get to and from Court.) Also, frankly,ported David Noakes during these horrible lications about GcMAF and who had com- if the decision is to release him, then they cantimes with your prayers, your work, your mented that GcMAF is not dangerous, andprocess David out of prison much faster if hecards and letters of support, and your many it is indisputable that GcMAF can work, al- is already there, then if he is hours away engenerous donations. You all are the true he-though additional research on it would beroute back to prison from court. roes and heroines!H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 17'