b'B ookR eviewBY DONALD A. CARROLL, OD, NTPLIFE FORCEHow New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You LoveBy Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, M.D., and Robert Hariri, M.D., Ph.D. T hisfive-starbookisshowingYance was Pendulums glucose-control pro-(ISBN-10: 198212170X; ISBN-13: 978-1982121709; Simon & Schuster; 2022, hardcover, 720 pages; $19.50)usthelatestbreakthroughsinbiotic, which is expensive but nice to have scienceandlongevity.Itstartsas a probiotic that lowers blood sugar and withthebasicbuildingblocksimproves the microbiome. I first learned for well-being: nutrition, fasting, sleep, andabout NMN when I read the Lifespan book exercise. Out of those building blocks, nutri- but did not understand then why Sinclair tion is the biggest challenge today with allwas taking it. After reading Tony Robbins of our bad habits of eating and the massivebook, I learned that NMN is a precursor toxic onslaught. The authors present the lat- to NAD+ which decreases as we age. It is est studies from more than 100 of todaysone of the main molecules that are involved top medical minds and their latest researchwith energizing our cells.into stem cells, genetics, supplements, andOur body has 100 trillion human cells and diet, which prove that they can not only cureproduces 330 billion new ones each day. If many diseases but actually reverse aging byyou want to get younger and healthier, then more than 20 years. Thats rightyou canyou need to have the proper building blocks make your cells much younger! And you,for those new cells. We not only need the and your loved ones, dont have to be afraidright materials, but we need to guide the of a life-threatening diagnosis or aging. cells in the proper functioning of the system.cells. These magical, re-programmed cells One of the research scientists whom theThe epigenome is the software our cells lis- had the ability to repair or replace injured authors interview at length is David Sin- ten to. Since the epigenome is the controller,tissue anywhere in the body. Then, Juan clair, Ph.D., the author of Lifespan: Why Wewe need to know the genes that affect theCarlos Izpisua Belmonte, Ph.D., turned on Ageand Why We Dont Have To. From hiscontroller, which would be the seven regu- all four Yamanaka factors and achieved research, Sinclair has developed his ownlatory genes called sirtuins. These sirtuinstheastonishingfeatofrefreshingaged regimen that has led to a 20-year reversal intell the epigenome to boost mitochondrialmices waning mitochondria and increasing his own aging. The book shares his supple- activity, reduce inflammation, and protecttheir lifespan by 30 percent.ment stack: Vitamins D3 with K2, one gramtelomeres, besides directing DNA repair.DavidSinclairturnedonthreeofthe of resveratrol (mixed in yogurt), metformin,NAD+ is the molecule that powers the en- Yamanaka factors in mice blinded by glau-and one gram of nicotinamide mononucle- tire sirtuins system.Since NAD+ is a largecoma. They had their sight restored. This is otide (NMN). molecule, it needs precursor molecules tothe first treatment to reverse vision loss in For many years, my personal stack hasenter the cell. One of the precursors I havea glaucoma model. We are on the verge of been a minimum of 10,000 internationalbeen taking is Vitamin B3, also known asbeing able to turn back our biological clock units of Vitamins D3 with K2. And I haveniacin. This is an inexpensive vitamin com- and cure a disease, thus remaining very used resveratrol off and on; but, remember,pared to NMN but is also less effective.young, even neonatal.Bill Sardi recommended that the typicalOf interest is that there are new productsThebookalsogetsintogeneediting. person should not be taking more than 100on the horizon: NAD3 (containing Wasabisome researchers think that they can actu-mg of resveratrol a day, so one gram a dayjaponica extract, theacrine, and copper-nia- ally edit and replace our bodies genes with seems excessive. I have not used metformincin complex) and MIB-626, a syntheticallysoftware similar to that of a word processor. but am considering other blood-sugar-low- manufactured molecule that is similar to,ApoE2 is the longevity gene they are most ering supplements such as bitter melon. Inbut not identical to NMN. researching now. It is called the jackpot Donald Yances book Adaptogens, he men- Shinya Yamanaka, M.D., Ph.D., discov- gene.tioned that bitter melon lowers blood sugarered that four genes could transform gar- Then, we get to the Wnt pathways: The better than metformin. Also mentioned byden-variety adult cells into age-zero stemultimate fountain of youth? This is the sig-28 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'