b'the French Pharmacists Union, which hadties statements and claims. This went oncases greatly) to the fundraising campaigns the incredible gall to say that they had notfor quite some time, with her mentioningtoprovideDavidNoakes(andLynda received enough penalty money from thethe GcMAF website in Sweden. Thyer) with legal defense. Special thanks defendantsfortheircrimeofhavingThe Presiding Judge then asked Davidgo to Andrew Noakes (his son), Jessica (his taken business away from the drug-crazedif he disagreed with the report. David saiddaughter), Peter Noakes (his brother), the pharmacists! that the report would be correct if PeterUK Column and Brian Gerrish (who were So, the trial today was mostly a rehashDawson-Balls name were substituted inamazing), Dr. Judy Mikovits (who worked of events past, as read to the courtroom byplace of his own name. He also pointed outon her declaration for David even while her the presiding female judge. To her right wasa number of places in the report where thebeloved husband was dying in the hospi-another female judge, while to her left was aprosecution made a claim of fact that theytal), French health-freedom fighters Dan-male judge. The Presiding Appellate Judgehave now taken a position opposite to. And,iel Hofnung and Sylvie Rulekowski, and did most of the talking and asked Davidhe then reiterated that Lynda Thyer and heNHFs Kat Carroll, all of whom pushed this Noakesthe only defendant presentwhyhad engaged in no GcMAF business activityfunding issue into high visibility that in he had filed the appeal (answer: his attor- in France. turn made possible the crack legal defense neys filed the appeal) and whether he wasBut about two hours into the re-trial, ateam for David and Lynda! intending to go through with the trial (yes,verbal altercation suddenly erupted and he was). She then asked him why, to whichDavids attorney, Philippe Ohayon, jumpedDay Two of the Appellate Trial he firmly and loudly replied, BECAUSE Iup to complain that the gendarme seated(December 7th) AM INNOCENT! next to David had grabbed the report outThis was a strange day for this trial. First There were 16 people in the courtroomof Davids hands that his attorney had justof all, after I entered the Palais de Justice by today: the three judges; one prosecutor; twohanded him! Matre Ohayon complainedthe special port reserved for attorneys and clerks; two gendarmes to protect us from avery strongly that this was not allowed andjudges (since I am an attorney), I was given serious criminal and to shush noisemak- violatedtheattorney-clientrelationship.the sad news that Lynda Thyers attorney, ers into silence; two interpreters; one phar- After a while, the dispute ended, but MatreMatre Paul Sin Chan, had tested positive macists attorney to make sure blood geldOhayon had made his point. for COVID-19 and would not be able to con-was paid to their union; three defense attor- The Presiding Judge then began her gen- tinue in this trial. So, the three judges, upon neys; and one member of the public, Danieleral questioning of David. To the chargebeing apprised of this change of situation, Hofnung, a friend of the family so to speak. that he had promoted GcMAF as a cure- quiteproperlyseparatedLyndaThyers The judge then read through the charges,all for all diseases, David replied, No,case from that of David Noakes and con-behind her mask, and out into the largishGcMAF only helps with 86 diseases, whiletinued her trial to April 2022, for hearing at courtroomwithoutelectronicassistance,there are 6,000 diseases out there, so wethe same time as Lyns sisters case, which even though there was a microphone nearbycould hardly be holding GcMAF up as anyhad been continued only the day before to just begging to be used for a low talkersort of cure-all. a new date in April 2022. So, now the ap-like the judge. Held in an old courtroomDavid then went on to point out thatpellate trial was only about David Noakes.with wood-paneled walls and 20-foot-highthe Journal of Clinical Oncology, in one ofDavid Noakes was not in the courtroom ceilings, the acoustics were terrible. Coupleits 2004 issues, published a report showingthis day, but he will be in court on Wednes-these bad acoustics with masks, low talking,that 71,000 cases of chemotherapy were ex- day for the closing arguments. However, and in a non-native (to me) language, thisamined and that only in 2.2% of the casesbecause of Davids attorneys exposure to altogether made it hard for me to under- were the persons treated still alive at theMatre Sin Chan, he had to take a COVID-19 stand every single word said by her, evenend of five years! He further pointed outtest. Fortunately, he tested negative because though my French is adequate. Nor did itthat those people generally inclined to takethe last thing we wanted was Davids case help that I had only had five hours of sleepchemotherapy are not the kind who wouldto also be postponed to April 2022, with the night before. Nevertheless, the generalever opt for GcMAF treatment instead. ThisDavid rotting in prison all the meanwhile.meaning of what transpired came through. latter point was made to address the chargeAftertheLyndaThyertrialdisposi-David was given the opportunity to ad- that he was harming patients by divert- tion was made, Philippe Ohayon (Davids dress the Court, which he did, telling theing them from lovely chemotherapy intoFrench attorney) made his motion to get judges that he had given up on GcMAFGcMAF injections instead. David out of prison as soon as possible. as a business model from May 2015 on be- The questioning of David went on forThe Presiding Judge read from a probation cause the MHRA in the UK had prosecutednearly three hours, with his own attorneyreport and made several comments such them 33 times, with 14 separate raids, andbeing given the opportunity to ask ques- as noting that David was a member of the had seized all of the bank accounts andtions. The trial adjourned for the day atUKIP and was of the extreme right-wing money in them. People died because of theabout 7:45 p.m., to reconvene the following(later, untrue). She further reminded every-MHRAs actions, he added. day, Tuesday, at 1:30 p.m. one that David had resisted the authorities The Presiding Judge next read the report,I must give enormous thanks to all of theand then fled from the order for extradition which was a report to the appellate courtNational Health Federation and other do- to France, with her additional comment and tried to present a balanced view of par- nors out there who contributed (in somethat if we free him, he will go away. She 14 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'