b'LETTERS TO THE EDITORGive the Dear Editor, Dear Editor,Greatest Health-NHF, your work is profound and historic.Wow, Scott! Thank you for that very com-We deeply appreciate you, your tenacity forprehensive summary of the ongoing Codex Freedom Gift health and freedom, your expertise, knowl- battleground. edge, and accountability. We appreciate your efforts!of All. Your work is essential to global health.Sincerely,We are eternally grateful. I am so glad forDebbi Silverman, M.D.this detailed report on the Codex virtual Help Preserve and meeting [A Most Surreal Two Weeks],Dear Editor,and we will re-post immediately. SendingThank you for speaking for me so sad Protect a Health- you all our best.that profits rule the day.Freedom Heritage for Sincerely, Sincerely,Diane Miller and the National Health Angele Ortega the Next Generations. Freedom Coalition and Action teamOne of the most powerful ways to Dear Editor,preserve and protect a Health-FreedomDear Editor, There are many battles played out which Heritage for the next generations is by Thanks for the information from yourmost people around the World never hear News Release This is It, Folks! You haveabout. These Codex meetings, in which you remembering the NHF in your will. completed an in-depth analysis of the situ- have desperately fought for health issues, For more than six decades, periodication, which I appreciate very much. Thereare one such extensive battle. Often your bequests from our dedicated membersis one thing absolutely certain, everythingvoice is a lone one, rallying, pleading that have served as a valuable financial boostthat we were told by both the Canadian andother delegates consider the facts, the wider enabling us to better fight for your healthprovincial governments in Canada sinceimplications of their actions, and their posi-freedom. Many of the major victories wethe beginning of what they call a pandemiction and influence with ethics, not merely have achieved through the decades would(which it is not) was totally false. economics. And so, Im happy to read in not have been possible without someoneThe second thing is that the politiciansthis report that actually there is a growing caring enough to remember the NHF inin search of publicity are all there for thegroup of allies slowing the onslaught of the their will. sensation of asking for more and more re- chemical juggernaut.Please, act today to preserve and protectstrictions for the population. In Canada, weThank you for holding the line for us a HEALTH-FREEDOM HERITAGE forwent through a useless Federal election lastand in some cases driving it back. Your ap-the next generations by taking the time toSeptember 2021, during which we had fiveproach of never giving up and use of good remember the NHF in your will. traditional parties participate with a com- humour are skills which are greatly valued. Your passionate advocate for Healthmon COVID-19 total submission program,Thank you Scott and Team. A super report Freedom, while the only party offering a completelyfrom the NHF!differentprogram(thePopularPartyofSincerely,Canada) was excluded by the traditionalAnna Watsonmedia (which are, by the way, all on the Federalgovernmentspublicitypayroll)Dear Editor,from all public debates and all forms ofI had no idea any of this existed until communications coverage. This is a veryyour report [A Most Surreal Two Weeks] vicious attack on democracy and a total vi- on the Codex virtual meeting. Wow, thank olation of our right of free expression. you for holding the line for us all!Sincerely, Sincerely,Pierre Brien Beth Heffernan4 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'