b'NHF Crossword PuzzleBy Myles Mellor(Please see answers on page 31)In MemoryOf.Michael David MackoDr. Luc MontagnierDr. Andreas NoackJames S. Turner, Esq.Loulou SbigaWilliam Toy, M.D.A Caring MemorialRemember your loved ones by serving the living. Your loving memorial will preserve the freedom to choose for your children and grandchildren.The NHF is an organization devotedAcross 27Double bend in the road 7Has to have to truth. Thank you for caring!1Key individual controlling289Badly, prefixYoung targets for excessiveTHIS GIFT IS IN MEMORY OFthe mandates relating tovaccination orders 10Lab workthe COVID-19 pandemic 31Darwins preoccupation 13Ruled ___ ________________________________4Spike ____ 35Place, verb 14Thinks overYOUR NAME_________________________________________ 8Firm, abbr. 37Shining body found in a15Cure-all9White blood cell that killssong 16IncludeADDRESS____________________________________________microorganisms and re- 38Highest point 18Company typemoves dead cells 39Very effective supplement19Urge CITY _________________________________________________ 10Label that can neutralize and21Prepared STATE__________________________ ZIP__________________11Anatomy class teaching aid reverse the negative clinical24High army rank, abbr.12Cry for help impact of toxins or poisons,25Land of the brave and free Would you like us to send you an15Biking route 2 words 26Digestive fluid acknowledgement card?n Yes n No17Resistance to disease 29Careless20Billboard displays Down 30Beatles label, once Make payment through PayPal, call in 22Bismarcks state, abbr. 1True data or statistics 32Clairvoyance, e.g. with your credit card, or mail check to:23Natural molecule that re- 2Raise 33Dark time of day, poetic trains the immune system3Pictures 34Anatomical cavity NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATIONto produce long-term4Carry out an action 36Oregon neighbor, abbr. P.O. Box 288 immunity with or without5Surprise at a blunder Mossyrock, WA 98564 USAvaccination 6Medical check-ups Phone:1-626-357-2181H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 25'