b'B ookR eviewBY ZEN HONEYCUTTToxic LegacyHow the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the EnvironmentBy Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. A samotherwhosechildrenence the author has compiled must be (ISBN-10: 1603589295; ISBN-13: 978-1603589291; Chelsea Green Publishing; 2021, hardcover, 272 Pages; $18.04)weresick,Icouldnotheeded by other scientists, regulatory, standwatchingtheirand elected officials, and that is what healthdeclineandis important. Wemothers, fathers, their options for participating in so- parents, voters, consumers, citizens, ciety, their future, be compromised.and humans who can hold officials Once I was introduced to the topicto account and shape the marketplace of GMOs and glyphosate in our food play a crucial part in the future of supply, I quickly became consumedthe human race on our Planet, which by the mission to get GMOs out ofis why even the layman must read this our food and glyphosate herbicidesbook.banned from the market. This workIn Toxic Legacy, Dr. Seneff clarifies has been my primary emphasis overhow glyphosate is involved in dozens, the past nine years. I have interactedand potentially hundreds of serious onadailybasiswithscientists,ailments plaguing our society. She has farmers, researchers, and lawyersanalyzed and then discussed every-who have been focused on glypho- thing from autism, cancer, loss of Bi-sateandtoxicagrochemicalsforfidobacteria in breastmilk, diabetes, the decades. The number of scientificwhole alphabet of ailments, to vitamin studies on glyphosate that I havedeficiency and glyphosate/zincs role readandrecountedinhundredsin skin cancer. The number of ways of talks, podcasts, TV, and radiothat glyphosate is not just linked but shows around the World is count- contributing to, and causes, harm to less. And yet, Dr. Seneffs new bookhuman health is staggering. Almost un-Toxic LegacyHow the Weedkillerbelievable . until you read this book. Glyphosate Is Destroying Our HealthThen,theenormityofglyphosates and the Environment still astoundedharm overcomes any doubts or fears of me. She shares studies, both directcriticism in claiming that glyphosate is and related, I had never heard ofat the very top of the long list of some and mechanisms of physiologicalof the most harmful substances on the harmthatmakecompletesense,Planet. Its impact is so huge that we eventoalayman.Nearlyeverymay not have any chance of recovering sentence of this book is backed byindividual or public health without ban-a scientific study. Every concept,ning this chemical.although many have blatantly la- Dr. Seneff describes how glyphosate beled them as conjecture or theory,contributes to the following, and more:is backed by real science. The growth of a certain fungus that is Words cannot express how grate- gly- contributing to death in children with ful I am that Dr. Stephanie Seneffphosateleukemiawrote this book. Although I confessharm is crystalThe death of earthworms, the quality that I do not have the scientific train- clear to the author andof the soil, and therefore the future of ing to understand all of the detailssoon will become clear as wellfarming and foodof the presented mechanisms and descrip- to other scientists and regulatory officials.The death of frogs and their delicate tions, I am well aware that the pathway ofI understand enough to know that the sci- ecosystem30 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'