b'The French Court of Appeals Gives Its Decision on David Noakes ImprisonmentBY SCOTT C. TIPS, NHF PRESIDENTW ith this year 2021 quickly windingdown,wesee that the National Health Federation (NHF) Chair-manDavidNoakeswhohasendured false charges and hard-core imprisonment in France for years now, all because of his nobleeffortstohelpdyingpatientsget wellis still in prison after 18 months. At last count David Noakes had helped some 10,000 patients survive when they had very little hope. With zero patient complaints lodged, the pharmaceutical industry itself complained about Davidfirst in the UK and then, when that did not seem to be pun-ishment enough, in France. Even the Swiss regulatory branch of the pharmaceutical industry wants to take a piece of flesh out of David.After their four-day trial in Paris in late March2021,DavidNoakesandLynda Thyer were sentenced to four and threeThe Palais de Justice in Parisyears in prison, respectively. Since Lynda Thyer had already served half of her sen-tence, she was released immediately to re- It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the turn home to England, where she remains to this day. David went back to Fleury-Mr- established authorities are wrong.ogisPrisoninthesouthernsuburbsof VoltaireParis, where he has been confined in a nine-square-meter prison cell 22 hours out of 24 hours a day. However, with the re-trial on appeal of his French case having taken place on De- Day One of the Appellate TrialGcMAF and make patients healthy again.cember 6-8, 2021, at the Palais de Justice(December 6th) The original trial last March resulted in a in the heart of Paris on the le de la Cit,Monday,December6th,wasthestartvery predictable guilty verdict for all of the the three-judge appeals court threw Davidof the projected three-day trial of Davidfive defendants, with David Noakes having a possible lifeline when it indicated that itNoakes, Lynda Thyer, and other co-defen- received the harshest sentence (four years would consider Davids attorneys pleas fordants implicated in an alleged gangsterinprison).Thedecision,announcedon his release. What follows below is the day- criminal scheme in France to sell and dis- April 14, 2021, was immediately appealed by-day story of what happened. tributethenaturalhumanglyco-proteinby most of the co-defendants, but also by H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 13'