b'Reactions to David NoakesRelease from French Prison!T he comments below were social-me- Just keep letting us know what theyWhataheartbreakingordeal. dia responses left on the NHF web- may need as time passes. ~ Elaine Bruce Thepervasivemonetarydisinter-site and under the post announcing Davidestindoingwhatthemedicalpro-Noakes release from French prison onThis is the most wonderful news, thankfessionclaimstobeitspurpose. December 13, 2021. you! ~ Simone When those such as David and Lynda actually perform the purpose for which Thank you, Scott Tips, for all the timeWhat wonderful news! After the horri- medicineexists,theyarepersecuted. and effort you expended to free this goodble decision of the High Court in the UKHow very sad that so many people are and worthy man, and for giving us up- re Julian Assange, it is so good to havekilled and injured by the deceptive medical dates on his condition and his trials!! Hal- somethingpositiveregardingDavid.industry pretending to alleviate suffering. lelujah! ~ Yvonne in Cyprus My spirit is suddenly lighter. Love andAnd then, these hypocrites have the gall prayers for both David and Lyn that theirto condemn anyone who interferes with Such wonderful news! Thank you forhealingfromthisterribleordealmaytheir racket, and get away with it!the blow-by-blow update. ~ Janis Bellbegin. ~ Mara Moreau I am pleased, as are so many good peo-ple who have been following this case, I feel so deeply touched that this cruelCongratulations!Imsooothat Davids & Lyndas suffering has been trial of David Noakes has come to an end.happyforDavidNoakes!somewhat mitigated. ~ David LonierThank you Scott and all other NHF mem- We are lucky to have the NHF to stand bers who supported in whatever way toup for us and our rights and defense.Great news, Scott and the team; hope-get him released. Justice is done! ThankyouScottTipsandNHF!fullyDavidandLyndacanhavetime I wish David and Lynn a wonderfulMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year!to recover together. The big fight is on! free reunion and a meaningful, quiet life~ Martine Uyttersprot If they behave like Nazis, they will be together.judged and treated like Nazis. The mur-I so hope that they will recover fromOh,MyGod!PraisetheLord!!!!!!deringmuststopandthemurderers this traumatic episode in their lives andTHANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPEDbrought to account. Sincere best wishes! will rise up and be happy! ~ Beatrijs Penn AND WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS~ Peter EllulDECISION AND FREEDOM OF THESE This is truly wonderful news! ThankWONDERFULHEALTHFREEDOMSo glad! ~ Linda Marshallyou for all you do and for all you haveHEROES!! Sending all my love. ~ Diane done! ~ Ann Fleetwood Miller, J.D. I cannot hold back the tears. Heartfelt thanks to all who have helped David and Thank, God! Finally! Even though Da- Just wonderful news for David and hisLyn on their hellish journey. Many, many vids persecution isnt over yet, its a hugefamily, and so uplifting to hear of the tire- blessings to you all, especially David and relief to have him out of jail. How nice ofless love and energy dedicated by ScottLyn, to whom I send loving strength and them to keep him from having Christmasand the team . I attended one of thelight and liberty now and forever. ~ Nicky with his family at home though, eh? ~UK court days and couldnt believe thatJevonBarb David was in this position when really he should have been made a hero. HappyOh, that is such amazing news! Once No words to adequately convey the relief.Christmas, David! ~ Anna out he can boost his health up.I, know-The hoped-for but still wonderful news!ing nothing of GcMAF, am now spread-David now needs to rest and eat properlyThank you, Judge, for making the righting the word far and wide . What has and Im sure his friends and family willdecision. All the best, David! Thank youhappened to David should never happen care for him. for your incredible fight for all of us! Weagain. Sending all my love and respect. ~ Praying for him and Lynda, and send- are immensely grateful! Love from Texas.Susaning love and gratitude to you, Scott, and~ Laura Castelanoyour colleagues. I am very grateful that this nightmare 18 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'