b'ciations (ENCA). And in the latter instance, theRussianFederationdelegateAnna Koroleva intervened on behalf of NHF to chastise the head table for refusing to place NHFscommentsonZilpaterolintothe Report. Both interventions on our behalf were much appreciated by NHF, but unfor-tunately ultimately proved fruitless in the face of the intransigent Chairman.NHFs comments were not the only ones deliberately omitted from the Final Report by the Chairman and Codex Secretariat. Importantcommentsmadeduringthe meeting by ENCA and the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) were refused as well. And, similarly, even Russia, a Codex Member State, had no luck insert-ing into the Report its concern that Zilpa-terol posed a health risk to humans due to the huge risk for functional disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system, and noting that according to their studies the re-sults of JECFA risk assessment did not take into account vulnerable groups of people and people that have cardiovascular dis-ease.With a newly elected CAC Chairmanthe former Vice Chairman Mr. Steve Wearne of the UKit remains to be seen if the Com-mission will continue to pursue its indus-try can do no wrong approach, supported by industry-financed research, or will con-sider consumer interests and concerns. Ap-parently, the Codex Secretariat has adopted a pro-industry approach that does not bode well for the future.However, after the end of three weeks of truly grueling back-to-back Codex meet-ings in November 2021 (two weeks for the Codex AlimentariusCommission(CAC) meeting and one week for the Codex Nu-trition Committee (CCNFSDU) meeting), I am greatly encouraged by the pro-health and pro-consumer views of the Russian delegation, whose views on the issues im-portant to NHF largely mirror our own. Couplethoseviewswithanoutspoken spokeswoman who is not afraid to speak up when necessary, and this is a positive development for consumers. In fact, at one point during the meeting, I told the Russian delegate, Anna Koroleva, that it seemed as if she spoke out at Codex more for the inter-ests of the American consumer than did the U.S. delegate! And indeed, she did.H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 9'