b'David Noakes FinallyFreed for GoodNearly Three Years of Hell Is Over!BY SCOTT C. TIPS, NHF PRESIDENTO n Monday, February 28, 2022, the French Court of Appeals rendered its decision on the David Noakes appellate case. Most significantly, David Noakes was freed from the requirement to stay in France and promptly departed and arrived in London via the Eurostar. He was quite happy to leave France behind.In general, and contrary to what was first thought after the Verdict, the Court of Ap-peals was harsher with David than was the trial court. Whereas the trial court had not found David guilty on all charges, the Court of Appeals did. Although he would not have to go back into prison, and although they appear to have reduced two of his fines (10,000 euros down to 1,000 euros, and 6,000 euros down to 3,000 euros), they confirmed very unfairly, confiscation of all of his assets in France, put him on three years probation for a five-year prison term, and saddled David with a five-year prohibition in France of being involved in a pharmaceutical busi-ness. But, otherwise, he was free to leave France and he did so immediately.As NHF past-president Maureen Sala-man Kennedy said in an inscription found in a book she wrote on cancer and nutri-tion, You are all valiant warriors in a noble battle. Its an honor to be on the front lines with you. We couldnt agree more and it certainly applies to David Noakes.In 2019, David Noakes, NHFs ChairmanScott Tips & David Noakesof the Board, unfairly attacked and inno- at Palais de Justice after Verdictcent, began the French part of his trek into Big Pharma/Crooked Court hell, which so many of you followed in spirit right along- 11,500 people with chronic diseases (mostlyof conventional treatments (such as chemo-side him. Heres the recap: cancer) a human protein produced by thetherapy). There are 1,310 scientific research David Noakes team of 27 staff, includ- bodies of healthy people, called GcMAF.papers on GcMAF: scientists know it works, ing four scientists, and seven doctors gave80% recovered. GcMAF is just 1% of the costand so does Big Pharma and the Medical 20 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'