b'also mentioned that he had some internet supporters from Lumire de Gaia, what-ever that may be. In fact, why did any of his connections matter? The judges comments and mind seemed to indicate that she was against Davids release.She then asked Matre Ohayon to present his case and for the next 40 minutes or so, he did just thatoff the top of his head and in a fantastic way that was so persuasive that you could literally see the progression of the judges from almost disinterest to defi-nite interest to then taking assiduous notes of what Ohayon said and looking at him with respect and approval. Among many other things, Ohayon argued that Davids health had deteriorated greatly during his 18 months in a cold, 9-square-meter prison cell and that he had already served much moreprisontimethanheshouldhave. Ohayon also argued against the claim that David was a flight risktelling the Court that if David had not fled from the UK court trial when he was facing a 15-year prison sentence, then he certainly would not do so here either. Theres nothing in the prison, the library is completely closed because of COVID-19 and he just sits in his small, cold prison cell, Ohayon said. This is inhumane, especially for allegedly doing something that the law punishes only with financial penalties and not imprisonment! Daniel Hofnung and Scott Tips, after the decisionThen, the prosecutor got her chance to speak and for the next nine minutes told thebracelet upon his release if the decision isand that they would then make their deci-Court that David was a flight risk, that hemade for him to stay in France for a while.sion known by the following Monday, De-had these health problems before, and thatHe also pointed out that as long as Davidcember 13th. So, we have all been hoping, the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) hadis in prison he is at risk since he remainspraying, and working towards a fair and been the only way to force David Noakesunvaccinated. Additionally, since the deathjust decision that would see David released to go to France. [Right! What sane personof Davids mother on November 28, 2021, itsometime soon.would resist a chance to spend 18-monthswas cruel to keep him from the funeral thatOnce again, David asked me to send all of vacation in a cold French prison cell?] I amhad been set for December 17th in England. you his complete and very heartfelt thanks happy to say that the judges seemed rela- Mostpromising,afterMatreOhayonfor your support, both financial and moral, tively disinterested in what the prosecutorfinished his last arguments for Davids re- whichsupporthassustainedhimallof had to say, with the Presiding Judges eyeslease, and after a short discussion amongstthese many unjust months alone in prison.even closed part of the time. And who couldthe three judges, the Presiding Judge asked blame the judge? Functionaries are oftenfor Ohayon to furnish a copy of the DeathDay Three of the Appellate Trial boring and pedantic. Certificate for Davids mother. He said that(December 8th) Davids attorney then got a chance tohe would, and Davids family soon thereaf- This is the third day of what has evap-speak next, and he tore the prosecutorster obtained that document for the Court. orated down to simply the Trial of David points to shreds. Ohayon emphasized thatThis was a very good sign. For if theNoakes, with the other co-defendants tri-the Cour de cassation (the French court ofjudges were not inclined to release Davidals having been postponed until April 2022. highest jurisdiction) had already ruled thatfrom prison, then why would they botherDavid Noakes was present in court again, detention conditions may be consideredto ask for a death certificate? flanked by the two armed and stern-faced in making decisions about the release ofThe judges finished the day by sayinggendarmes in their black uniforms, ready prisoners, and that there is no flight riskthat the following daythe third day of theto make sure David didnt try any funny because David would be wearing an ankletrialwould be spent on closing argumentsbusiness (as if he ever would).H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 15'