b'The three judges began this session by asking David a number of questions the an-swers to which would determine whether he would be released next week by court decision or not. He was asked about his passport(stolenbytheMHRA),why his mothers funeral was occurring so long after her death (so that I could possibly attend), what he planned to do after this case was all over with (take care of my elderly father, marry Lyn Thyer, and live a quiet life), his prison conditions (cold, small cell, no contacts or friends there, nothing to read in English, library closed anyway due to COVID-19, exercise yard depressing reminder of being in prison, and I didnt come out of my cell all last month.) The judges probed and prodded but seemed to be satisfied by his responses.After about 45 minutes of such questions, the Presiding Judge turned to the Pharma-cists Union lawyer and asked him to give his concluding statement. This guy is a wea-sel if I ever saw one and the first words out of his mouth confirmed that, Mr. Noakes sales of GcMAF were in league with the in-ternational traffic of drugs. This trafficking has grown 2X in the last ten years. What kind of human being would try to hitch Davids alleged sales of life-saving GcMAF to the wagon of international drug traffick- David and Andrew Noakes in Englanding?! He talked about victims (of course, never about those victims of his clients)of a criminal gang that had transferred itsbeing charged with selling drugs?and about Noakes being a predator. Itactivities from the UK to France, that hadIn the end, this Wicked Witch of the East was disgusting that they even allowed thismade 2-9 million euros (!), and who hadasked the court to increase Davids sentence money-grubbing lawyer to talk in court. Inconducted business on Guernsey becausefrom 4 years to 7 years, to keep all property the end, he asked for his clients to be reim- of no taxes. She accused him of having theof his (and others) that had been seized, bursed some 20,500 euros that they had lostgoal of earning money, a lot of money, andkeep him in prison, and publish the Verdict in sales (because of GcMAF competition)not wanting to heal people. Obviously, sheof the Court in Le Monde (French newspa-and in court costs. Then, he sat down, andnever paid any attention to the many decla- per) to protect the people, tell them that it was the Prosecutors turn to paint a falserations of GcMAF patients healed becauseGcMAF is dangerous, and that GcMAF picture of the defendant. of Davids efforts. And obviously, just likedoesnotcure86diseases.Shethensat But first David asked if he could addressthe French Investigating Judge Gadaud indown with a smug look on her face. Sadly, the Court about what had just been said.the original EAW, she was many decimalI noted that the three judges had all been ThePresidingJudgecorrectlysaidnotpoints off in the wrong direction on thetaking notes during the 18 minutes that she now because of the courts procedure, butmonies earned! spokenot a good sign.she assured him that he would get the lastThe Prosecutor was right about one thing,After a short break it was Davids law-word. She then very kindly offered Davidthough, when she accused David Noakes ofyers turn to speak. He began, and con-some paper and pencil to write down hisnot giving any importance to chemother- tinued his talk, forcefully and powerfully, thoughts so that he would not forget them.apy. None of us who know chemos patheticso it was actually much easier for me to He accepted, wrote them down, and theand miserable track record give chemo anyunderstand and follow his French. Once trial continued. credence. again, Matre Ohayon spoke from mem-The Prosecutor rose up and stood thereShealsosaidonecuriousthing:thatory and a few notes. He said that whatever in all of the righteous fury that she and herDavid Noakes was selling some drugs thatDavid Noakes made from this business was short stature could falsely muster, and thenwere not drugs, just to make money. Well,nothing compared to billions made by the proceeded to depict David as the Bossif they werent drugs, then why was Davidchemotherapyandcancerindustry,that 16 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'