b'for David Noakes is ending. It makes me glad that I never had to set foot in France. ~ L. Miles Standish (Life Member of NHF)I am pleased that David has been re-leasedhe should never have been put in prison in the first place! ~ MartinWonderful news, thank God for that, at long, long last! David has too long been the fall guy for all the pharmaceutical companies do not like about natural med-icines. ~ Sue Bowness Great, great news! Im so happy for him and that there are true people at least in some courts in the world. ~ Yvette Se-linderThank God for that! Please, give David all my best. Thats the best news this year for me. Thanks, Scott! ~ John SwaDavid Noakes immediately after his release from French prisonWhatgreatnews!Sendingyouand David our very best wishes and condo- Blessings to David for surviving thetime. Such a huge injustice. Sending love lences on the loss of Davids mother. many months of being in darkness and,to all. ~ Helen WrightHave a lovely Christmas! Well done tofingers crossed, things will be brighter in you all. ~ Jo and Steve2022! ~ Chris Tracy Fantastic news! What a great Christmas present for David and all of us! Well done, Wow, thats really good news! David isGreat news! Please, kindly convey myScott and everyone who has been fighting a lucky man to have had you, Scott, at hisheartfelt condolences to David Noakes forfor this, for what seems a very long time. side all the way. Blessings to you both. ~the loss of his mother and my great angerHuge hugs and lots of love for David. I Janet Docherty at the injustice of David Noakes unfaircant imagine how he feels right now. ~ arrest, trial, imprisonment, and great suf- Lyn OxberryOh, my gosh! Our prayers have beenfering.answered. I am crying for joy. Bless youThe battle against Big pHARMas phar- Thank you so much, everyone, for your Scott!makeia DEATH care and their white-coatlove and support. ~ Lynda ThyerPlease give him a hug from me and myand black-robe minions continues . ~ family. Arya Vrilya Thisiswonderfulnews!~Jennifer And to happen today of all days. MyWolff-Gillispievery favorite day of the year: Lucia!! ~Absolutely the best news ever, please, Birgitta Lauren massive hugs and strength from me toWell done, Scott and team! Amazing as you, Scott, massive respect for your loy- usual. Hope David is well and can be left Brilliant and wonderful news! Muchalty and determination to expose the greatin peace now. ~ Christine Hopkinslove to everyone who has helped David.injustice that David and Lynda have suf-~ Phyllis Lagan fered! ~ Ruth Lynne Cantwell Now this is a good day on the best of days. Enjoy that sweet, sweet freedom, Well done to you, the legal team andAmazing news, sending David and Lynmy friend! ~ Jonathan Middletonsupporters! so much healing & Love! So sorry that Things are not looking great in termsDavid has his mothers funeral to attendDavid and Lyn must be angels and also of travel here in the UK. I hope there willafter such a traumatic time. Hopefullywarriors of the highest degree!be no hold-up/mandates for David to behe can regain his strength, broken heart,Their story woke me up! I hope and able to commute. and get some peace within this Christmaspray they are safe! ~ Amanda OkhovatH ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 19'