b'P resideNtsN oteA Most Surreal Two Weeks The Codex Alimentarius CircusComes to TownN o one at the CodexBY SCOTT C. TIPS, NHF PRESIDENTAlimen-tarius Commission is as nice astheoutgoingChairman Guilherme da Costa, Jr. Even when he is kicking your feet out from under you by not allowing your spoken comments to go into the Final Report of the meeting, he is gentlemanly about it, even charming. He also is one of the most accommodating chairmen when it comes to allowing a del-egate to speakjust keep in mind that you will be strictly limited to two minutes and most likely your comments will never make it into the Report. For that very reason, this articlenot Codexs carefully scripted Final Reportwill give you the more complete story of what happened at that meeting on the two key issues confronting the NationalCodex Vice-Chairman Steve WearneHealth Federation (NHF).At this Codex meetingthe 44th sessionNHF has consistently opposed its use inmajor contributor to Anti-Microbial Resistance of the Codex Alimentarius Commission,agricultural and other practices at everyworldwide. (See NHFs CRD 37 at https://anditssecondmeetingheldvirtuallymeeting where NHF has been present andthenhf.com/joint-fao-who-food-standards-there were as many as 683 attendees zoom- standards permitting the use of glyphosateprogramme/; Emergence of resistance in bac-ing in from around the World at one time.have been discussed and adopted. Almostteria and fungi is correlated with glyphosate use Typically held for three-hour-long sessionsalways, NHF has been the single, lone voicein the World over the last 40 years.)on November 8-13, 15, 17, and 19, 2021, thisin opposition. In eleven minutes, from start to finish, the two-week-long Codex meeting discussedOn the second day of this CAC meeting,Chairman disposed of the glyphosate stan-many food- and feed-related issues; butthe various pesticide standards created bydards up for consideration, either adopting the two main issues for NHF here were thethe Codex Committee on Pesticide Resi- the standards or else advancing them up the toxic herbicide glyphosate and the animaldues were discussed and when NHF waseight-step ladder, depending upon where growth-promoter Zilpaterol. called upon to speak, I stated NHFs strongthey were in the process, and then moved objectiontoglyphosate,NHFexpresseson to the next agenda topic. NHFs objec-Glyphosate Standards its continued objection to the use of glypho- tions were quickly forgotten by most, but The extremely toxic chemical herbicidesate in any form for the reasons given in ournot all, of the delegates. With anti-micro-glyphosate is the bte noir (black beast) ofCRD37 [Conference Room Document 37], thatbial resistance on the rise worldwide, and the health and health-freedom movements.is, that glyphosate, among other things, is awith public-health authorities everywhere 6 H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021'