b'Even while forced to stay in France pending the final Verdict, David never stopped taking care of others, as shown here feeding the local swans and ducksMafia. Conventional methods with poison- And as David said, the people he servedcan continue to recover his health and build ous drugs cure only 2.5%. In The Politicswouldnt have chosen Big Pharma fixeshis life again from the ground up.of Cancer, oncology doctors and surgeonsanyway because they knew better. AfteryearsofHell,Davidenjoysthe admitted they wouldnt subject their wives,The French lawyers disregarded Davidsquasi-freedomstainedbyrestrictionof daughters,orsisterstoachemotherapy20-page statement, which showed the Pros- business he is passionate about in the field with its ridiculously low success rate. ecution had proved David and Lynda werethat helped thousands. Still, he is free and BecauseofDavidssuccess,theBrit- innocent and they knew another unrelatedmany of you have diligently prayed, do-ish MHRA unjustly prosecuted David incompany, Duurzaam BV, was instead guilty.nated funds, and shared Davids story to three nations; as they say, no good deedThe prosecution ignored the facts. expose Big Pharma and their crude attempt goes unpunished. One of the nations wasSo, the Court of Appeals on the le deto squelch a well-documented and success-France;neitherDavidnorhisstaffeverla Cit in Paris, France confirmed Davidsful cancer therapy.did anything with GcMAF in France; theyserved time as his sentence, but addition- We live in times when governments are were completely innocent of the nine falseally fined him a total of 23,500. This wasincreasingly corrupt, with absolute power. charges that the MHRA had invented toaftermanyassetseizures,includinghisTo have the courage to heal, to care about give to the French OCLAESP for their ex- bank account balance of 36,000, which wasthe lives and quality of those lives as David tradition warrant. Yet, amazingly, Davidconfiscated by the court as an additional,has, to risk everything he had and come Noakes and scientist Lynda Thyer spent oneunjust punishment. Still, the fines were aaway with his life alone, not even his health year and seven months in Fleury-Mrogisreduction from what the original trial courtor financial assets preserved, makes one Prison near Paris. had ordered to be paid in March 2021. marvel at those heroes and heroines who ThegovernmentsMHRAhadtwoThe main highlight of this Verdict is thatrisk all to make us well.GlaxoSmithKline directors on its board, whoDavidwho was released from prison onIt is clear, from the picture above, that apparently were furious that David was po- December 13, 2021, but with the require- it will always be worth it to act despite tentially taking an infinitesimal amount ofment that he remain in Francewas thenincreasing and incredible risk. It is what the $200-billion-per-year profits away fromallowed, effective February 28th, to leavemakes us human, activists, and committed Big Pharma. The lives he was saving, as al- France and catch the Eurostar train fromhealth-freedomwarriors.Weappreciate ways, count for nothing with the MHRA.Paris to London. He is there now, where heyou all!H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 21'