b'Increased symptoms from the flu andand other scientists have to call her, andSeneff connects the myriad of health issues potentially COVID-19 and other vi- anyone who associates with her, a loon.plaguing modern society with glyphosate ruses They have no other recourse. The scienceherbicide and so much science about it that Increased urinary tract infections andshe has analyzed and presents in this bookno one, not even Monsanto/Bayer, will be antibiotic resistance speaks for itself. And the gravity of her the- able to refute that glyphosate must be re-Pet food that makes our animals andories and papers with hundreds of sourcestired.livestock sick, or have congenital dis- from peer-reviewed studies is so large thatDr. Seneffs book Toxic Legacy is a pre-abilities, and suffer early deaths it shakes the very foundation of life on thecious gift to future generations if we choose The destruction of a myriad of gutPlanet. The scientists who are threatened byto accept it. Rachel Carson must be singing bacteria leading to gut dysbiosis, im- the magnitude and importance of her workin heaven that her work of exposing evil is mune system dysfunction, and brainknow this. being continued. All we need now is for the damage Fortunately, Dr. Stephanie Seneffs workpublic policymakers to acknowledge the The contamination of baby formulais not about her gaining credit, and whenvast, accumulated, irrefutable scientific ev-and impact on babies health we did not include her name, she was gra- idence, gathered together in this one single Kidney disease cious and did not take it personally or with- book, that glyphosate must be banned.Liver disease draw her scientific contributions. It is workThere is nothing more important than the Diabetes like this, done purely to expose the avail- health of current and future generations. Autism able science that can contribute to improvedThere is nothing more costly than jeopar-Multiple types of cancers common health that must be acknowledgeddizing the physical and mental health of Sperm health and utilized in public policymaking. whole generations. Without our health, we Congenital disabilities Dr. Seneffs commitment to scouring thecannot effectively combat climate change, Mitochondrial damage science and bringing to light the myriad ofhomelessness, poverty, racial injustice, ad-Vitamin-Dproductionandvitaminharmful pathways of glyphosate is an in- diction, or any other daunting issues. This deficiency valuable contribution to society. It shouldbook unlocks why we should, and how we Sulfur and numerous other mineralbe required reading for every Governor andcan, resolve a myriad of skyrocketing health deficiencies elected official today. If it were, glyphosateissues plaguing society. If heeded, the result Withthetypeandvolumeofsciencewould be banned this week. of banning glyphosate would put us in the reviewed and presented in this book, theForanyonewhohaswonderedwhydirection of recovering our health and the onlycriticismpro-GMOandglyphosatehuman health is declining, and healthcarefuture of human life on our Planet. proponents might ever be able to mustercosts are skyrocketing at alarming rates, read are trumped-up personal character attacks.this book. The science is undeniable. Glypho- First published at: https://www.momsacrossa-As a person who has interacted with Dr.sate is a major culprit and must be banned. merica.com/toxic_legacy_by_seneff,June30, Stephanie Seneff numerous times and seenAs a mother, the gratitude I feel for the2021. Reprinted here with permission. her lecture and interact with the public,author, whose work will impact current andZen Honeycutt is the mother of three boys and address all of their concerns, and not reactfuture generations of children, is indescrib- the founding executive director of Moms Across to the lack of credit she has been given forable. As a human being, I believe her workAmerica, a non-profit national coalition work-her work, I can assure the reader that anyshould be awarded a Nobel Prize, or evening to create healthy communities.character attacks upon her are baseless. Herbetter, reward her and others by revoking humble commitment and tolerance of ego- the license of glyphosate. For those of you driven opponents have proven her to be onewho are scientists, I would imagine you of the greatest threats to Big Aga personwould be proud that one of your kind still of real integrity, compassion, and generos- has the courage to speak out against the be- Crossword Puzzle Answersity. And she is a most noble and brillianthemoth chemical companies and share the research scientist at the MIT Computer Sci- independent science that truly matters to all ence and Artificial Intelligence Laboratorylife on Earth.(of all places on Earth) with too lengthyWhether a layman, parent, politician, or credentials, including B.S., M.S., E.E., andscientist, any reader of this book will be Ph.D. degrees all from MIT. surprised and challenged in fully compre-At one point, our team was following thehending how glyphosate contributes to the advice of other scientists and allowed themdestruction of our childrens potential, our to influence our decision-making and didfamilys health, and the future of the Planet.not include her name as an advisor to someThe author, backing nearly every sen-of our articles. Her name was too contro- tence with a reference to a peer-reviewed versial, they claimed, and would get in thescientificstudy,hasirrefutablymadea way of the information we were trying tostrong case for the immediate ban of gly-convey. However, after reading this book,phosate. For anyone who cares about the fu-I better understand why Monsantos shillsture of life on our Planet, read this book. Dr. H ealtHF reedomN ews /w iNter2021 31'