b'navirusbioweaponthatisevidencedintime and again, with, for example, the U.S.Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the first COVID-19, while others have denied it. Army giving smallpox-contaminated blan- multilateral disarmament treaty banning The 1918 bacterial vaccine experimentkets to Native Americans, the unconscio- biological warfare and is a professor of in-at Fort Riley, Kansas (then called CampnableTuskegeesyphilisexperimentsonternational law at the University of Illinois, Funston)mayverywellhavebeentheAfrican-American males from 1932-1972,claimsthatChinesescientistsmayhave sparkthatkilled50-100millionpeople.and the Ebola-vaccine experiments on Weststolen this virus out of a lab in Winnipeg, This pandemic was blamed on the so-calledAfricans. where Canada tests many of its biological 1918-1919Spanishflu;butinfactbe- And in the 1970s, the U.S. Departmentwarfareweapons.Hebelievesthevirus tween January 21 and June 4, 1918, the U.S.of Agricultures Lab 257 on Plum Island inthen leaked out of a lab in Wuhan (BSL-4). Army permitted the American Rockefellerthe Long Island Sound churned out its ownThe Wuhan BSL-4 lab is a specially des-Institute for Medical Research to inject thedeath-dealing poisons. Ostensibly there toignated WHO research lab and Dr. Boyle Institutes experimental bacterial meningo- protect us, Lab 257 was experimenting withclaims that the WHO is well aware of what coccal vaccine into thousands of soldiersanthrax and other deadly spores. As re- occurred there.stationed at Ft. Riley before they shippedcounted in Michael Carrolls book Lab 257,Regardless of whether COVID-19 was out to France and the trenches there. At thewhat was to later become known as Lymeartificially created, bioweapons are peril-end of the war, soldiers brought back homedisease had been spawned in that lab. Care- ous weapons of mass destruction, difficult with them the disease that went on to infectlessly left for birds and other animals to pickto contain, and lethal to the human race. many millions more. at, contaminated refuse was piled outsideThey serve no legitimate purpose. With all AccordingtoaNationalInstituteofthe building. The town of Lyme, Connecti- of the harm that has been done so far from Healthpaperpublishedin2008,co-au- cut, only 17.3 miles distant, easily becamethe Rockefeller vaccine trials in 1918 to the thored once again by our very own Dr. An- ground zero for the nationwide, and thenLyme Disease release in 1975 to the current thony Fauci, bacterial pneumonia was theworldwide, spread of one of the most insid- coronavirus and other deadly virus strains, cause of death in at least 92.7% of the 1918- ious diseases to afflict mankind, to this day. it is long since time to end all bioweapons 1919 autopsies reviewed. The researchersNor forget that anthrax, Ebola, smallpox,research and labs! They are gross violations reviewed more than 9,000 autopsies, andand other bioweapons were studied and ex- of the rules of war and certainly should there were no negative (bacterial) lung cul- perimented upon in the 1990s at Fort Det- never be imposed on a countrys own soci-ture results. In fact, the paper stated thatrick, Maryland for decades. Anthrax fromety. Fifty to 100 million deaths are enough.in the 68 higher-quality autopsy series, inthis lab, some have contended, was used in which the possibility of unreported nega- Iraq and possibly mailed to U.S. congress- Current Government Actions tive cultures could be excluded, 92.7% ofmen after 9/11. The CDC, however, bannedBackfire, Once Againautopsy lung cultures were positive for 1the lab in July 2019 from working any fur- The current approach by governments bacterium.in one study of approximatelyther with anthrax, Ebola, and smallpox untilaroundtheWorldistolockdown(i.e., 9000 subjects who were followed from clin- its procedures had improved. quarantine)itscitizens,shutdownall ical presentation with influenza to resolu- Dr. Gary Kohls, M.D. reasons that thenon-essential stores and businesses, limit tion or autopsy, researchers obtained, withoriginal COVID-19 outbreak was a resultthe size and even the times when citizens sterile technique, cultures of either pneumo- of a weaponized virus. He gives the fol- and residents can leave their homes, all in cocci or streptococci from 164 of 167 lunglowing reasons, among others, for his sus- a desperate attempt to limit the spread of tissue samples. As Kevin Barry, presidentpicion: (1) Wuhan, Chinas ground zerothe virus. These government actions show of First Freedoms, accurately noted, Thatfor the virus, was right in the neighborhoodgovernments that ironically believe their is 98.2%. Bacteria was the killer. And theof Wuhans Level-4 Bioweapons lab; (2)own fear propaganda at best, while at a cyn-World suffered 50-100 million completelyAmericas premier Level-4 Bioweapons labical worst, these governments are using the unnecessary deaths all because of this ex- at Fort Detrick suddenly and quietly closedCOVID-19 pandemic to mold the ruling perimental vaccine. down just before the novel, patented, coro- institutions and society into a cold-hearted The 1918 experiment was certainly notnavirus epidemic started; and (3) five U.S.creature that will benefit the Elite at the ex-the first or the last time that the U.S. gov- soldier-athletes who were in Wuhan lastpense of all of us.ernment tested biological weapons on anFall competing at the 2019 World MilitaryThe mass media adds fuel to the fire unsuspectingAmericanpopulation.OnGames were afflicted by the coronavirus.with its constant harping on how many September 20, 1950, a U.S. Navy ship off theGiven those known factors, Dr. Kohls asks,doctors and nurses are afraid to go to California coast used a giant hose to spray aarent there enough suspicions to at leastwork, how a 16-year-old has died from the cloud of microbes into the air and into Saninsist that an unbiased, thorough investi- COVID-19 virus, and with continually hold-Franciscos fog bank. The military was test- gation be done by some agency other thaning up atypical Italy as the poster child of ing how a biological weapon attack wouldthe conflicted Pentagon, the conflicted CDC,what is about to happen in America too.affect the 800,000 residents of the city. Thisthe conflicted NIH, the conflicted NIAID, orLost in the shuffle is the economic di-criminal lack of concern for the health of itseven the conflicted WHO, into these top-se- saster of unprecedented scale created by own citizens and others has been showncret Bioweapons labs system? government-imposed lockdowns. As one 10 H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 10 4/29/20 10:18 AM'