b'Intravenous HydrogenPeroxide: The 100-Year-Old Cure for COVID-19T here is a simple, safe solution forbyH eidio stermaNCOVID-19.Thechoicesarenot limited to the two terrible scenar-ios of (1) Allowing the ill to die so that we all gain natural immunity for life, or (2) Trying to lock down the World lead-ing to global financial ruin, a police State, and medical tyranny. Enter Option 3: Intra-venous (IV) Hydrogen Peroxide.If Hydrogen-Peroxide Therapy were to work as well in COVID-19 as it did in the Spanishflu,thenthecurrentdeathrate would be reduced by half, and the number of patients requiring a ventilator would be greatly reduced, or patients might not need one at all.If you were hospitalized with COVID-19 and learned of a treatment that had been successfullytrialedduringtheWorlds deadly Spanish flu pandemic, would you want to try it? If the treatment were also low-tech,easytoadminister,anddidnt requireanyspecialtesting,hadnocon-traindications, and were readily available,clinicsaroundtheWorld.Unpatenteddate, the Spanish flu. The medical officer of wouldnt it seemingly be the answer to thetreatment options are the domain of somethe Royal Infirmary, Professor T. H. Oliver, present medical crisis? A treatment cheapdiscreet, private medical facilities. was stationed in India during the 1919 out-enough for the poorest country to use evenHydrogenPeroxide,commonlyusedbreak. His records and observations were in the most primitive of settings, Hydro- topically to clean wounds and gargled aspublished in The Lancet, the top medical gen Peroxide Therapy would be the perfecta mouth disinfectant, can also be used asjournal at the time: solution and answer to a global prayer. an intravenous drip to treat infection. In So useless were the usual remedies tried Assumingallofthisweretrue,howdilute concentrations of 0.03% in a dextrosethat we felt justified in giving a trial to any would you feel when told that the hospitalsugar-water solution this treatment is en- method that held the prospect of success. The would not authorize its use, but rather thattirely safe and does not cause air embolism. mortality of the epidemic may be gauged from some higher governing body would needThe human body already produces Hy- the fact that in one large hospital in which the to authorize it first? drogen Peroxide inside the macrophages ofinfluenza cases were segregated in special huts This is exactly where we are at. Thisthe white blood cells as a defense againstthe death-rate was over 80%. The first test sub-treatment exists; and, no, you cant get itfungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Thisject was an E. Indian man who had been delir-in a hospital. The treatment is IV Hydro- is one key step in the immune response ofious for two days previously and was selected gen-PeroxideTherapy.Yourdoctorwillall mammals; nothing new at all.as being the worst case in the ward and to all never have heard of it and certainly wouldThe intravenous use of Hydrogen Per- appearances moribund. The patient showed no not have learned about it in medical school.oxidewaspioneeredbymedicaldoctorssigns of discomfort during the treatment and But it does exist and has been quietly andfighting the Worlds deadliest pandemic tothenoticeablefeaturewasthesteadyingand safely used for 100 years now in private 26 H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 26 4/29/20 10:18 AM'