b'politics, big business, and the law, such bil- with optimization of a vaccine antibodyvaccination.However,D3isavaluable lion-dollar businesses will arguably neverresponse are as follows: supplement, and it is of value for everyone. lose. They also will never be minimized,Start the supplementation at least sev- Long-term dosing requires validation that and their profits will never be substantial- en days before a planned vaccination (thethe regularly administered dose is raising ly decreased. Such businesses have manylonger,thebettersinceeveryoneatanythe blood level to the range of 50 to 100 ng/congressmenandsenatorsowingthemage should regularly supplement Vitaminml. Ten to 50 mg of zinc (as zinc gluconate forcampaigncontributions,alongwithC).Thisregimenshouldbefollowedasor other well-absorbed form) daily can be many judges as well. Furthermore, most ofwell on the day of vaccination and con- given by pill or drops in the week before those politicians and members of the judi- tinuedforatleastoneweekfollowingand the week after vaccination. Long-term cial system actually believe that opposingthe vaccination. However, it will be bestsupplementation with zinc (and D3) should vaccinationsistantamounttoopposingto continue the recommended Vitamin-Cbe done in concert with the advice of your the most significant intervention availabledosing for life. 5 integrative physician.supportingoptimalpublichealth.ManyInfantsandveryyoungchildrenFinally,ifavaccinationsimplycant of us understand how much this enragesshould take 1,000 mg of liposome-encap- wait,takingtherecommendeddosesof those who are convinced that vaccinationssulatedVitaminC.ThiscanreadilybeVitamin C, magnesium chloride, Vitamin are doing a great deal of harm. mixed in a flavored yogurt or other favor- D3, and zinc on the same day or just fol-With all of these issues in mind, theite baby food. This higher dose is possiblelowingthevaccination,andcontinuing overridingconcernishowtoprotectasrelative to the sodium-ascorbate powderfor several weeks can also offer enormous manybabies,children,andadultsfrombelow since liposomes only rarely causeprotection.Theaboveregimensimply any possibility of a negative vaccine sidethelooseboweleffectseenwithhigheraims to help optimize the protection be-effect. Even if, say, ten years from now thedoses of Vitamin C. Liposomes also allowing provided.scientific community finds that some vac- a much better intracellular uptake of Vita- Anaddendumregardingapractical cines are doing more harm than good andmin C to occur. treatment approach to coronavirus, cur-largely eliminates them, how many moreWhenliposome-encapsulatedVita- rently at epidemic levels in China, Europe, lives (and families) will have been devas- min C is not available, proceed with sodi- and the United States:tatedinthemeantime?Whetherautismum-ascorbate powder (this can also be tak- 1. If the virus is actually as contagious ever results from vaccination is actuallyen in addition to the liposome form for evenas is being currently asserted, modern not the primary issue. The issue is howbetter protection). Infants under 10 poundsair travel and the purported time of to protect the infants that will be vacci- can be given 500 mg daily in a favorite juiceincubation and asymptomatic status nated today. All old and new evidence of(just a salty taste). For infants between 10(about 2 weeks) means it can spread anyvaccination-inducedtoxicityshouldand 20 pounds, this can be increased to asanywhereonthePlanet.Aswith continue to be revisited and given its duemuch as 1,000 mg daily, in divided doses.nearlyallothercontagiousviruses, publicity.ButprotectionneedstotakeVery roughly, the daily amount of non-li- their spread is most commonly due to place now. posome-encapsulated Vitamin C can be in- airborne virus in microdroplets from Also,whileitwilllikelydispleasecreased by 1,000 mg per year of life. sneezing, coughing, and the exhala-mostoftheanti-vaccinationcommuni- Magnesium chloride can significantlytion of infected individuals. Similarly, ty, a successful Vitamin C-centered vac- augment the anti-toxin and pro-immunewhen the virus gets on the hands in a cine-protectionprotocolwillmaketheeffect of Vitamin C. [6] Mix 25 grams in asufficient amount, touching the nose, vaccine manufacturers look like the goodquart of water. Depending on body size,eyes, and mouth can initiate the pro-guys.Veryfewindividualswillsustaingive 1 Tbsp to 1/2 cup (15 to 125 ml) ofcess of transmission as well.sideeffects,andthevaccinecompaniesthis solution at least once (and preferably2. The measures that most readily inhib-will ultimately be given credit for makingtwice) daily in the days leading up to vac- it transmission include regular hand better and safer vaccines, and they willcination. As with Vitamin C, the solutionwashingorsanitizing,containment ultimately make more money rather thanis salty (and a little bitter) and to be palat- of the microdroplets with high virus less. However, and this cannot be overem- able it is best diluted further in juice. concentration (protective masks), and phasized, the vaccine damage will drop,Vitamin D3 and zinc supplementationavoidance of areas with multiple in-and even largely disappear. The immedi- can also afford additional benefits. Again,fectedindividuals.Andevenwhen ate protection of everyones health has todependingonbodysize,1,000to25,000thesemeasuresdonotcompletely be the top priority. international units of D3 can be given dai- block the transmission of the virus, Mypersonalrecommendationsforly.Thesedosesshouldnotbecontinuedthey massively decrease the amount an effective program of toxin protectionin small children beyond a week after theofviralexposure,andastrongim-20 H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 20 4/29/20 10:18 AM'