b'Why I Have Remembered the National HealthFederation in My WillI have named the National Health Federation in my will so that the fruits of my labor will continue serving the cause of liberty after my demise. Have you?BY MAUREEN KENNEDY SALAMANW henGodbreathedtheweAs eternal vigilance ensured the free-breath of life into Man, Hedom we enjoy, we must, in turn, be sure also breathed and imbuedare diligent and hard at work in the inmanssoulasparkofvineyards of liberty. Loyalty to a cause, to freedom. Tyrants, since the dawn of cre- a country, to a service, is not a one-way ation, have attempted to smother and stiflestreet. Those who serve deserve the loy-that spark of freedom.altyfromthosewhomtheyserve.Itis InthecolosseumsofRome,onthethe only action to take. It is the only right steppesofRussia,intheconcentrationthing we can do.campsofEurope,inthericepaddiesofI do not labor for remuneration or mate-China, on the jungle floor of Vietnam andrial benefitsnot even for the adulation of Cambodia, in the mountains of Laos andan audience. I labor because I have a duty Afghanistan lie the bodies, bones, and dustto perform. I have a duty to see that my of countless millionsmartyrs to freedom. fellow Americans are free. My conscience Liveshavebeenforfeitedtoeviltyr- creates a compelling sense of duty.annieswhosedesirestoruinandruleThis is not a political decision, although scorched the souls and extinguished thepoliticians are involved. This is a moral de-lives of millions of innocent men, women,to our people and freedom to our Nation. cision, and an ethical and a spiritual deci-and children. All are not dead. Our aban- Amongallofthehopesanddesiression. It is a decision based on equity and doned prisoners of war from Korea, Viet- Ihaveencounteredinyoungandold,fairness and justice, on duty, honor and loy-nam, Laos, and Cambodia live still, sub- healthy or ill, rich or poor, king or peasant,alty. If we are to enjoy the fruits of liberty jugated to fiendish and diabolical torture,they all had but one desireto be left inemblazoned with sacrifice in our Constitu-rackedbypestilenceandstarvation,im- peace, to be free.tion and Declaration of Independence, paid prisoned by the tyrannies they still resist. In 1956, a man who fought the tyrannyfor by the man in uniform, then we all have The last free society founded in liberty,of Communism stood in a square in Buda- the same duty and responsibility to see that dedicated to In God We Trust, still existspest and shouted to the multitudes, Shallthose who gave their lives may rest in peace,a thread of hope in the fabric of a Worldwe free men be, or slaves? Choose the lotknowing the land they defended is still free.riddled with tyranny and hatred of Godyour spirit craves. Thousands have sacri- May God guide us in and give us the and freedom. We are still free because menficed and are still sacrificing in service tostrengthtomeetourresponsibilities.I of honor and courage deeply believed thatthat spark of freedom that we might enjoyhave named the National Health Feder-the defense of liberty is a noble cause. Howitsbenefits.Thepriceoffreedomcomesation in my will so that the fruits of my noble their causehow ignoble the end.high.Thesacrificethatpurchasedthatlabor will continue serving the cause of This is the same cause the National Healthfreedom cannot be commemorated in a fewliberty after my demise. Have you?Federation serves. words or even a book.It is not often that you can be privilegedWe have a responsibility to those whoRepublished from Health Freedom News pre-to be engaged in a battle where you can ac- havefoughtsonoblyandsacrificedsodecessor journal, Public Scrutiny, the January complish the twofold results of saving livesdearly. If those who have sacrificed them- 1982 issue. Maureen Kennedy Salaman was the and preserving for ourselves and genera- selves in the cause of liberty are truly toFederations president for almost twenty years, tions to come our precious and hard-wonbe honored, then we, who have not sacri- until her untimely death in August 2006. She freedoms.ficed, have a duty and a responsibility towas as good as her word and bequeathed a signif-The NHFs mission is to restore vigorprotect the light of freedom. icant part of her Estate to us.H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020 17HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 17 4/29/20 10:18 AM'