b'Preventing Damage from Conven-tional Cancer TreatmentRice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC), a cultured mushroom product made from shiitake and rice bran, increases the rate of survival and reduces the side effects of conventional cancer chemotherapy and radiation according to human clinical research studies. In a study of 50 breast-cancer patients, they were divided For Dietary Supplement be extended by consuming optimal levelsrandomly into two groups. One group was given three grams daily of RBAC (also known as BRM-Skeptics of 30 essential vitamins and minerals.4, Biobran/MGN-3, Lentin, and AHCC) from one One of the Worlds most publishedThese nutrients, along with 11 others notweek before to one week after chemotherapy. and respected biochemists, Dr. Brucecurrently considered essential, compriseThe other group was given chemotherapy alone. Ames, contends that most Americana set of longevity vitamins that canAfter six cycles of chemotherapy, 80% of the diets are deficient in micronutrientsextend healthy aging. Dr. Ames hasRBAC group experienced good appetite and no that promote longevity and curb thepublished more than 500 scientific papersfatigue compared to 12% in the control group; risk of chronic conditions, such as heartover almost seven decades, and considersthe RBAC group had no weight loss, whereas disease and cancer. Based on more thanthis his most important work. This may84% of the control group lost five to ten kg. In ten years of research in his laboratory atbe a theoretical paper, but I hope it canthe RBAC group, only 40% experienced nausea Childrens Hospital Oakland Researchadd a few years to everyones lives. or vomiting compared to 100% in the control Institute (affiliated with the UniversityAmes B, Prolonging healthy aging: Longevitygroup. All of the patients in the control group lost their hair, but there was hair loss in only 28% of California, San Francisco), Ames notesvitamins and proteins, Proceedings of theof the RBAC group. A similar study compared that even minor vitamin deficienciesNational Academy of Sciences of the USA,the effects of RBAC to a placebo in a group of 65 could impact long-term health. Dr. Ames2018; 115(43):10836-10844, doi: 10.1073/ advanced-stage head and neck cancer patients asserts that a persons health span canpnas.1809045115, Epub 2018 Oct 15. treated with radiochemotherapy. In the RBAC group, the red cell count and hematocrit were significantly higher as well as higher platelet, Estrogenburgers morning-after burger.neutrophil, and lymphocyte counts. There were Burger Kings Impossible WhopperDr. James Stangle, Stangle: Impossible Burgers17 blood transfusions needed in the placebo meatless hamburger may be less healthy thanAre Made of What? Tri-State Livestock News,group, but only one in the RBAC group. Clinical a regular Whopper. A veterinarian, Dr. JamesDec 20, 2019, at https://www.tsln.com/news/stan- outcomes appeared to be enhanced in the RBAC Stangle, writes that the red appearance of Im- gle-impossible-burgers-are-made-of-what/. group. There were no deaths in the RBAC group possible Burger patty comes from geneticallyand eleven in the placebo group. There were splicing a soybean and yeast. The blood-likefive cases of metastasis in the placebo group and color and flavor in the Impossible Burger isnone in the RBAC group. There were only two derived from soy leghemoglobin produced byhospital admissions in the RBAC group but 21 in this genetically engineered yeast. Then, therethe placebo group. There was also significantly are its effects on hormone balance. Accordingless weight loss in the RBAC group.to Dr. Stangle, the impossible whopper hasMasood A, Sheikh R, Anwer R, Effect of Biobran 44 mg of estrogen and the whopper has 2.5MGN-3 in reducing side effects of chemotherapy in ng [nanograms] of estrogen. That means anbreast cancer patients, The Professional Medical impossible whopper has 18 million times asJournal,2013; 20(1):013-016; Tan D & Flores J, much estrogen as a regular whopper. He ex- The Immunomodulating Effects of Arabinoxylan plains that you would have to eat 880 poundsRice Bran (Lentin) on Hematologic Profile, Nutrition-of beef to equal the amount of estrogen inal Status and Quality of Life among Head and Neck one birth control pill, but considerably lessCarcinoma Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy: with an Impossible Burger. Anxious couplesA Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial, may now be able to head to Burger King for aRadiology Journal, 2020; Vol. 12: 11-15.H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020 29HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 29 4/29/20 10:18 AM'