b'ture. Dr. Ioannidis thinks that when thewill see a steady rise in deaths there sincePublic Health Institute (the Robert Koch dust settles and an accurate count is made2006! Well, we all know that the currentInstitute or RKI), who admitted that all the true mortality rate for COVID-19 couldcrisis just started in 2020, so another fac- deaths in which a person also tests positive be five times lower, coming in at 0.025% ortor must have been causing the rapid rise infor the coronavirus are counted as COVID-maybe 0.625% but certainly not the alarmistdeaths in Italy. 19 deaths, even if those persons actually WHO figure of 3.4%. Patients, he writes,Pre-existing health conditions do matterdied from another cause.who have been tested for SARS-CoV-2 aregreatly in assessing cause of death. OnlyAdditionally, in the RKI chart below, disproportionately those with severe symp- three victims at that time did not have anyone can easily see that the number of cases toms and bad outcomes. As most healthotherconditions.Healthwriterandre- of acute respiratory diseases (Akute Atem-systems have limited testing capacity, se- searcher Bill Sardi has studied this latestwegserkrankungen), as of March 20, 2020 lection bias may even worsen in the nearvirus extensively and thinks that deaths at- (Kalenderwoche 12 to 13), have plunged, future. tributed to COVID-19 could more properlynot increased.Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, another Stanfordbe attributed to tuberculosis, which kills 1.7 University professor of medicine, concursmillion people worldwide every year. Tu-when he says, as quoted in The Wall Streetberculosis is far more deadly than COVID-Journal, An epidemic seed on January 1st19, which could be nothing more than an implies that by March 9 about six millionopportunistic virus riding on the coattails people in the U.S. would have been in- of the TB mycobacterium.fected. As of March 23there were 499The National Health Federations Chair-Covid-19 deaths in the U.S.thats a mor- man, David Noakes, agrees, Today on the tality rate of 0.01%. He laments the fact27th of March there are a total of a tiny 759 that there have been no studies done todeaths [in the UK] from COVID-19but accurately assess the actual Measured Caseeven this is a lie. These are people who died In late March 2020, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Fatality Rate. with COVID-19, but most did not die of it.Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiol-ManyhavepointedtoItalyanditsAlmost everyone had other diseases thatogy at the Johannes Gutenberg University death rates from the coronavirus as proofcaused their death. Mainz, wrote an open letter to the German positive for the deadliness of this latestIn its COVID-19 Alert No. 2 (March 24,Chancellor Angela Merkel asking her sev-epidemic. But according to Italian officials,2020), the CDC issued a directive to medicaleral questions, challenging the fake news 99% of those who died had other illnessespersonnel that actually states, COVID-19on mortality rates from the coronavirus, that predisposed them to die. In fact, theshould be reported on the death certificateand questioning the need for a drastic lock-average age of those who died is 79.5 yearsfor all decedents where the disease causeddown of businesses and Germans. The orig-(some say 81-83 years)! Keep in mind thator is assumed to have caused or contrib- inal letter is in German.Italy ranks fifth in the World for havinguted to death. (emphasis in original) So, itMoreover, acknowledging reality, on the highest median age (the United Statesis easy to see that the official death figuresMarch 19, 2020, the UKs Public Health ranks 61st). from COVID-19 are exaggerated and thatEnglandandtheAdvisoryCommittee As if that were not enough to put a naildoctors may assign the virus as a cause ofon Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) down-in the coffin of the mythically high Italiandeath even without having tested the pa- graded COVID-19 from a High Conse-death rate from COVID-19, a report fromtient! Moreover, in the United States, therequence Infectious Disease to one with low Italys National Institute of Health showsis a financial incentive for hospitals to de- mortality rate. This is in agreement with that up to 88% of Italys alleged COVID-19clare a patient COVID-19 positive sinceNHF Vice Chairman Dr. Bradford Weeks deaths could be misattributed. The Reportthe government will reimburse the hospitalassessment that COVID-19 is not any more states, the way in which we code deaths inmore for such patients ($13,000) and threedangerous than a normal flu.our country is very generous in the sensetimes more ($39,000) if the COVID-19 pa- Then,onMarch26th,anarticleap-that all the people who die in hospitals withtient is on a ventilator. pearedintheNewEnglandJournalof the coronavirus are deemed to be dying ofGerman virologist Dr. Hendrik StreeckMedicine, co-authored by the now-celebri-the coronavirusOn re-evaluation by thefurther supports Noakes when he said thatty-status Dr. Anthony Fauci, which says in National Institute of Health, only 12 perCOVID-19 is unlikely to increase overallpertinent part: If one assumes that the num-cent of death certificates have shown a di- mortality in Germany, which is normally atber of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic rect causality from coronavirus, while 882,500 people per day. Streeck cites an exam- cases is several times as high as the number of per cent of patients who have died have atple of a 78-year-old man who died of heartreported cases, the case fatality rate may be con-least one pre-morbiditymany had two orfailure, but who was subsequently testedsiderably less than 1%. This suggests that the three. positive for the virus and thus included inoverall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may Moreover, if you look at the Italian gov- the COVID-19 death statistics! This exam- ultimately be more akin to those of a severe sea-ernments own figures for mortality, youple is backed by the Director of the Germansonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate 8 H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 8 4/29/20 10:18 AM'