b'Ground-glassopacitiesarelinkedtotheuseoftoxicandNicotine and alcohol use deplete essential nutrients like Vita-non-toxic drugs. More than 600 drugs are known to cause lungmin B1 and Vitamin C.In China, 68% of men are smokers and 46% toxicity. Many of the drugs used in the hospitals to treat infec- drink alcohol.tious lung diseases are toxic to the lungs!Sedatives and tranquil- What may be missed by acute-care physicians is that fever with izers may induce pneumonia.The more medicine doctors pre- pneumonia among some patients may not be induced by a germ scribe, the more likely you will run into one of these hundreds ofbut may be induced by a Vitamin-B1 deficiency that results from lung-toxic drugs. loss of control of body temperature by the hypothalamus in the The appearance of ground-glass lung opacities is far more like- brain. Thiamine deficiency can result in high fever.Vitamin-B1 ly among dark-skin people who characteristically have lower Vita- injections may eradicate infections. A fever accompanied by Vi-min-D levels than Caucasians. It is also less common in Summertamin-B1 malnutrition may emanate from dysfunction of the hy-months when sunshine Vitamin-D levels are higher, and is generallypothalamus in the brain with accompanying lack of nitric oxide, 4.3 times more likely among individuals with Vitamin-D deficiency. a transient gas in the blood circulation needed to quell infections.This is just one of several sound reasons why hospitalizationMany coronavirus-infected patients are alcoholics. Alcohol in-should be avoided at all cost. Another reason is to avoid treatmentduces Vitamin-B1 deficiency. In many cases of pneumonia no bac-errors and antibiotic resistant bacteria that live in hospitals, andterial or viral infection is identified. Vitamin-B1 therapy should be frankly because hospital rooms are dark caves where Sun-star- a standard therapy for any patient with lung disease and a history vation induces Vitamin-D deficiency. All patients with suspected in- of alcohol or tobacco consumption should call for Vitamin-D test-fectious lung disease should be screened for Vitamin-D deficiency uponing upon hospital admission.hospital admission. Sadly, this is not being done yet.2nd SymptomCrackling sounds in the lungs are the second major symptom of interest. By definition, crackles are the clicking, rattling, or crackling noises that may be made by one or both lungs of a hu-man with a respiratory disease during inhalation. They are heard only with a stethoscope (auscultation). You can hear crackles in an online video. Crackle sounds in the lungs are not specific for any particular infectious disease but they are widely associated with Vitamin B1 deficiency. Here is the evidence: Patients with beriberi (Vitamin B1thiamine deficiency)The chart above shows a demonstrable decline in fever with are known to have crackle sounds in their lungs. Vitamin-B1 therapy. The World Health Organization lists lung crackles in theThiamine (Vitamin B1) is the missing fever-buster, germ-killer, lower lungs as a sign of thiamine deficiency. Vitamin B1crackle-sound inducer that can be remedied with B1 supplemen-deficiency is also known as beriberi. tation, the superior forms in dietary supplements being benfoti-Many hospitalized patients are placed on water pills (di- amineorallithiaminepreferredoverthiaminehydrochloride. uretics) to control blood pressure with no regard for the factNote: refined sugar, alcohol, tea, coffee, carbohydrates (bread, pas-that this class of drugs depletes Vitamin B1. ta, cereal) all deplete Vitamin B1.Infections were reported among 35 of 68 patients who hadI anticipate criticism from the doctoring crowd. But I thought pneumonia. Infection may be the confirming manifestationyou said there arent enough ventilators, and hospital bacteria are of Vitamin-B1 deficiency. resistant to the antibiotics, and there arent enough hospital beds!Cases of pneumonia were frequently reported in prison- And, there is no vaccine. So, home care is the only alternative, er-of-war camps when beriberi developed. right? I dont want to be placed on some hospital ship.A 73-year-old man with beriberi breathing had crackles inIf you read this report to the bottom, you have earned a junior both lungs, which resolved with Vitamin-B1 therapy. doctor certificate. Practice self-care; and staying out of the hospitalVitamin B1 helps to limit the growth of the bacteriumis the best way to survive this pandemic. The life you save may that causes tuberculosis.be your own. And no, Im not shorting shares (betting that sharePatients with tuberculosis are more likely to have lowprice will decline) in the Hospital Corporation of America. Vitamin-B1 blood levels. 2020 Bill Sardi One published scientific report refers to thiamine (VitaminTo access the Endnotes, go to: https://thenhf.com B1) as a super antibiotic. /2020/04/26/current-coronavirus-pandemic/ 16 H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 16 4/29/20 10:18 AM'