b'whole-plant foods and replenish your gutseverepandemicinfluenzaislargelyato know what is the real killer here. Is it a bacteriawithprobiotics,sauerkraut,andproblem of viral-bacterial copathogenesis,virus or is it something else? Dr. Lawrence other such useful foods. Use colloidal silver,pandemicplanningneedstogobeyondBroxmeyer M.D., a New York physician lemon juice, elderberry extract, and hydro- addressing the viral cause alone (e.g., influ- and long-time disease investigator, thinks gen peroxide to neutralize the virus. Theseenza vaccines and antiviral drugs). I com- and first posited that it could be a myco-are just some of many ways to strengthenpletely agree. bacterium. Bill Sardi, among others, agrees yourimmunesystem;avoidingfearandMoreover,withtheNorthernHemi- and has popularized Dr. Broxmeyers hy-stress are perhaps the most important. sphere warming up almost day by day, gopothesis and also thinks that it could be a If you do test positive for the virus (andoutside and soak up some Sun. If you aremycobacterium. He notes that the incidence who knows if it is a false positive) and hap- in the right latitude, the Vitamin D you willof infection from the COVID-19 coronavirus pen to be one of the two percent who can- create in your body from the Suns ultravio- neatly overlaps in most instances the areas not easily recover from it as if it were thelet rays will help protect you. And if you arewhere tuberculosis is most prevalent in the common cold, then consider treatment withnot, then both the ultraviolet light in tanningpopulation, observing that the highly in-intravenous (IV) Vitamin C at high levels.beds and the heat in Far Infrared saunas canfected illegal immigrant population pouring AccordingtoDr.AndrewSaul,thefirstbe helpful as well in taming the coronavirus. into the Southern Border States are a major approved study of IV Vitamin C againstOther doctors have shown great successsource for the recurrence of TB in America.COVID-19 began in China and had patientsin treating the virus with combinations ofThey are not alone in thinking this. In an taking 12,000 to 24,000 mg per day of Vita- hydroxychloroquine sulfate, zinc, and Z-pakexcellent expos, Sardi publicized scientific min C by IV. The supervising doctor, Dr.(azithromycin, an antibiotic). Dr. Vladimirresearcher Hiroshi Nishiura 2012 study re-Cheng, has specifically called for the im- Zelenko, a board-certified family practitionersults showing that there were no flu deaths mediate, therapeutic use of Vitamin C forin New York, successfully treated some 700in controls who did not have the tuberculo-treating coronavirus (COVID-19) infections.coronavirus patients with complete success.sis bacterium.Those patients have all done very well. In using this drug-and-supplement com- Butevenwiththisprimaryorcom-The second and third clinical trials of intra- bination, Dr. Zelenko saw the symptomspanion killer bacterium, the deaths from venous Vitamin C were announced in Chinaof shortness of breath resolve in four to sixCOVID-19, others say, are still at least ten on February 13th and 21st, respectively. Inhours, while the entire 5-day course of treat- times less than those being reported by gov-the second study, Dr. Cheng reports thatment cost only $20.00. Sardi and others thinkernment officials and the media. All of this the researchers will give 6,000 mg/day andthat zinc is one of the keys to boosting onesnoise makes one wonder if this entire crisis 12,000mg/dayformoderateandsevereimmune system enough to fight off viruseswas deliberately staged, or deliberately mis-cases and that oral Vitamin C might evensuch as the COVID-19 coronavirus. After all,handled.be included in these studies. Details of thezinc is necessary for the thymus production WuhanVitamin-Cprotocol(inEnglish)of T-cells as well as the production of neutro- The Real Goalare posted at: www.orthomolecular.org/re- phils, both key actors in the bodys immuneI have heard many theories about the sources/omns/v16n07.shtml. system. causeofthecurrentillness.Therecent In addition, Vitamin C is now being usedNot content with the natural cures thatroll-out of 5G wireless (Wuhan, China and to prevent and treat COVID-19 in China andhe has already publicized as widely as pos- Milan, Italy are both hotspots of 5G transmit-in Korea. The protocol is apparently working. sible, Bill Sardi also reported that Ivermec- ters, for example) is reported to play a key NHFAdvisoryBoardmemberDr.tin, a commonly used anti-parasitic agent,role in either weakening our immune-sys-Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D. has also written ex- is a cheap, immediately available, and effec- tem response to any virus, including the tensively on the use of IV Vitamin C and itstive antiviral that inexplicably goes unusedcoronavirus, or even actually causing what general upper-level oral safe use. NHF hasin the battle against human viral infections,is known as coronavirus disease. Regardless published Dr. Levys protocol on stoppingsuch as COVID-19 coronavirus. Just a sin- of its cause, the current medical response is the virus at the nose and mouth by usinggle dose of Ivermectin, he says, abolishesan overreaction beyond all necessity. This tongue scraping, oral washes, and replen- COVID-19 coronavirus in a lab dish. Unsur- flu is less deadly than the ordinary flu, ishing gut bacteria. prisingly, Ivermectin also works even moreso far. Most persons will survive it, easily, Dr.AlexVasquezhaspublishedex- effectively in the presence of zinc. if they even catch it. The highly inflamma-tensively on the use of N-Acetyl-CysteineFinally,dontforgetthatiodinekillstory, mass hysteria over COVID-19 is, I (NAC). Particularly compelling are accountspathogens upon contact. I myself take 12.5think, simply a cover to change our politi-of high-dose NAC given by IV to save pneu- mg of iodine/iodide each day, far more thancal institutions and culture, and to further moniapatients.Dailymaintenancedos- the laughable RDA for iodine. Consider ask- restrict our freedoms. Never let a crisis go ages are 600 mg. of NAC, according to Dr.ing a nutritionally competent physician ifto waste, is the old psychopathic political Vasquezs work in Antiviral Nutrition: Ace- you might need more iodine in your diet. saying, and it certainly applies here.tyl-cysteine / NAC in the treatment and preven- The U.S. economyand therefore the tion of pneumonia, influenza. What is the Real Killer Here? Worldeconomyisinaperilousposi-If, as the 2008 NIH Fauci paper states,In order to protect ourselves, we needtion. Last September the bond repurchase 12 H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 12 4/29/20 10:18 AM'