b'deepening of the respiration and great lessen- these treatments into the hospital systemtively easily. The lack of proper treatment ing of discomfort. The temperature fell to nor- at least for COVID-19 cases. By contrast,for hospitalized patients is the problem. mal in the course of the next days. The changePresident Trump fast-tracked the use of anWe all know that fluids, painkillers, and was remarkable, the patient, who previouslyold drug without clinical trials. A hastilyventilators are not true treatments. Corti-had to be tied in bed owing to delirium, wasmade vaccine has been fast-tracked andcosteroids are a treatment, but they are not in short order sitting up and asking for food;having skipped animal safety studies, hasenough, antibiotics are not enough. It is and from that time improved steadily, releasedalready been injected into a human being.time to allow safe, novel treatments to be as a walking case 3 weeks later. Encouraged bySurely, hospital officials can allow the useused in institutional care. Nursing homes the success we tried the method on 24 othersof something as old and safe as this treat- couldtreatin-house,prisonslikewise.selecting always those whose condition wasment, at least provisionally and in a few,Started early on such an IV treatment, a apparently hopeless. 10 were delirious at thelimited locations. patients hospital stay could be consider-time of infusion and had to be held down inA prime minister, a president, a king,ably shortened. These IV treatments are bed. Three were comatose from toxemia.or supreme leaders are all capable of issu- theonlytreatmentsthatcouldbeused 52% of the hopeless cases survived af- ing executive orders to allow for hanging aimmediatelyandsimultaneouslyworld-ter Hydrogen Peroxide compared to 80%few bags of IV Hydrogen Peroxide. Underwidewithoutdifficulty.Someoneneeds mortalityrateforlessillpatentsnotthe current circumstances, it is inconceiv- to tell our representatives and tell Presi-treated with Hydrogen Peroxide. able to refuse a safe treatment. Being alsodent Trump. He could set this situation These astonishing results were record- a very simple and cost-effective approach,straight. Make the World Well Again is edandpublishedforposterityonFeb- there is no justification for refusing to ap- a great slogan for this campaign.ruary21,1920,inTheLancet,undertheply a safe treatment especially in light ofSo, it has all come to this: the hospital articletitle,InfluenzaPneumonia:Thethe fact that there exists no effective main- system must be enabled to provide these Intravenous Injection of Hydrogen Perox- stream medical treatment at this time. strategies.Whatdowehavetoloseby ide, noting further that, In view of a fur-Hospitals can start treating COVID-19trying? It is simple and patients deserve a theroutbreakofinfluenzaaccompaniedpatientswiththisHydrogen-Peroxidefighting chance.by bronchopneumonia another method ofTherapy as soon as they arrive. The doc- If you get sick, ask for IV Hydrogen combatting the extreme toxemia and an- tor, Dr. Dietrich Wittel, M.D., Ph.D., whoPeroxide or IV Vitamin C in the hospital. oxemia (lack of oxygen) appears worthy ofhas already safely administered 20,000 ofYou must stand up for your right to try al-record. these intravenous treatments, is willing toternative therapies. Hospital doctors and There, in medical history, lies our sal- share his experience with medical doctorsnurses deserve these treatments too. They vation.Onehundredyearsagodoctorsor government officials and address ques- themselves should be able to get an IV at notedtheworthinessofthistreatment.tions about the treatment. Dr. Wittel is a li- the end of every shift.The Lancet still exists as a prestigious jour- censed medical doctor and has been safelyThis is no time for hospital politics. nal for doctors today, and your doctor canadministering this intravenous-drip solu- Hang the bag.order a copy of this paper from the med- tion of Hydrogen-Peroxide treatment forPreferablybeforetheeconomyim-ical library. It is a kind of a message in atwenty years in Kelowna, B.C., Canada forplodes completely. We can avoid economic bottle from one generation of doctors tocommonlytreatableconditions,includ- ruin and set the World free to resume liv-another. ing viral shingles, diabetic infections thating. It truly can be this simple. Now who Yet, some remember this old cure. Cur- dont respond to antibiotics, lung disease,isinchargeofdecision-makingonthis rentreferencesinthemedicalliteratureandchronicbacterialinfectionsassoci- matter?abound with titles such as Activation ofatedwithcardiovasculardisease.Heis___________________________________murine macrophages by hydrogen perox- equally an expert in the safe administra- The author, Heidi Osterman, is a Chelation ide (Elsevier, Cellular Signaling, Volume 6,tion of high-dose IV Vitamin C, which wasTechnicianandTherapeuticNutritionist, Issue 8, November 6, 1994) and Hydro- reportedly used in China with success forwho can be reached at heiditff@telus.net. gen Peroxide In Inflammation: Messenger,COVID-19 by Dr. Enqian Mao at a dosageDr. Dietrich Wittel, mentioned in this article, Guide,andAssassin(AdvancesinHe- of 10-20 grams per day. was originally an ear, nose, and throat spe-matology, Volume 2012, Article ID 541471TheadvantageofHydrogenPerox- cialist, surgeon, and emergency-room doctor, (June 2012)). ide is that you do not need to do the glu- who opened a private medical clinic in Kelow-It is all there, if you look for it.cose-6-phosphatedehydrogenase(G6PD)na, British Columbia in 1998, specializing in HospitalsdonotuseHydrogenPer- deficiency test that IV Vitamin C requiresIV therapies. As an international speaker, his oxide as part of a critical care protocol. Itforcertainethnicities.Bothtreatmentsfocus is on mentoring doctors on the correct is used only in private medical practicecould be employed since people are dy- and safe use of IV protocols. He can be found bydoctorswhohaveacquiredspecial- ing for lack of treatment, not because of aatwww.drwittel.com,andreachedby ized training in unconventional intrave- super deadly virus since COVID-19 is notemail at drwittel@vip.net or telephoned at nous treatments. It is time to incorporatethe problem, 98% of people survive it rela- +1-250-878-9437.H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020 27HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 27 4/29/20 10:18 AM'