b'Vaccinations, Vitamin C, Politics, and the LawAn effective protocol for toxin protectionand mitigation of the side effects of vaccination alongwith a practical treatment approach to coronavirusBY THOMAS E. LEVY, M.D., J.D.T he ability of properly dosed Vita- stand the critical roles played by Vitaminthe cells and tissues with the increased min C before and after a vaccina- C and other major antioxidants in coun- numbers of oxidized biomolecules. Once tion to block any potential short-teractingandminimizingtheimpactofenough biomolecules are restored to the and long-term toxic side effectsnew toxin exposures and old toxin dam- reduced state, disease no longer exists. 2while enhancing the antibody-forming aimage. All toxins, whether originating fromWith this concept of the etiology of all of the injection was covered in an earlieran infection, food or water intake, or envi- diseases in mind, it can then be appreciat-OMNSarticle. 1 Thepointsmadeinthatronmental source, or even as an unintend- ed that any potential toxic side effect of a article, along with their validation in theedconsequenceofavaccination,inflictvaccination (or any other toxin exposure) scientific literature, remain pertinent eighttheir damage on the body by directly orcan literally always be blocked or rapidly years later. As emphasized in that article,indirectly causing the oxidation of criticalrepaired by counterbalancing it with suf-the purpose of this article is not to praisebiomolecules in the body. When biomole- ficientlevelsofantioxidants(primarily or condemn the administration of vaccina- cules are oxidized (depleted of electrons),Vitamin C). When this is combined with tions. Most who know me know my stancetheylosesomeoralloftheirnaturalthe established concept that Vitamin C is on this issue, coming from what I consid- chemical roles throughout the body andessentialforafullycompetentimmune er to be a purely scientific perspective. Butinside the cells. Essentially, oxidation in- system capable of producing an optimal that is not the purpose of this article.activates the natural physiological role ofantibody response to an antigen present-Even the most ardent of vaccine sup- a biomolecule. ed by a vaccination, it is only logical that porters should be able to admit that vac- Biomolecules include proteins, sugars,optimizing the Vitamin-C status of a baby, cinations,howeverinfrequently,some- fats, enzymes, nucleic acid, or structuralchild, or an adult (as with influenza vac-timesresultinanundesiredoutcomemolecules.Dependingonthechemicalcinations) should always be an essential on the health status of the recipient. Thenature of a given toxin, it will oxidize aclinical goal.argument then shifts as to whether theunique array of biomolecules, varying inNumerous articles in the mainstream chance of such an outcome is so rare as tolocation, concentration, and degree. Thesemedical literature clearly indicate that the bereasonablyandpermissiblyignored.are the primary factors that determine theinfectious diseases for which vaccinations Thepro-vaccinecommunitymaintainsresulting clinical medical condition. Andare given are effectively prevented by Vi-that population-wide vaccinations conferthe presence of sufficient antioxidants cantamin C. 3Furthermore, when Vitamin-C a high degree of protection against eveneither prevent this oxidation from takinglevelsarelowinthebody,infectious more morbidity and mortality that wouldplace by directly donating electrons to thediseases are effectively eradicated by Vi-otherwise be inflicted by the diseases orelectron-seeking toxins, or it can repair thetamin C-centered protocols (that can in-conditions for which the vaccines are be- toxin-oxidizedbiomoleculesbycontrib- clude other anti-pathogen interventions). 4ing given. However, here I emphasize theuting electrons back to them (reduction).Thepharmaceuticalindustrymakes need for mitigation of the side effects ofHowever, it is essential to realize that thebillionsofdollarsfromsellingvaccines vaccination. oxidized state of the biomolecules is theandcontinuingtodevelopnewvaccines To fully appreciate the toxic origins ofdisease, or toxicity. There is no addition- for different conditions on an ongoing ba-all disease, it is very important to under- al ill-defined disease that is impactingsis. However, in the current environment of H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020 19HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 19 4/29/20 10:18 AM'