b'of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influ- test only looks at an array of antibodies enza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) ratherand not for a virus specifically. Many of than a disease similar to SARS or MERS,the antibodies screened for in the positive which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10%check-off list are common to other influ-and 36%, respectively.enza virus strains. If enough check-marks This is all supported by the new mor- appear on the list, then the doctors call it a tality figures coming out of China. A newpositive result. So, naturally any antibod-epidemiological study concludes that theies that show up post-immunization from a fatality of COVID-19, even in the City ofvaccine made up of inert influenza strains Wuhan, was only 0.04% to 0.12% and thuswill show a positive result. Recall that Italy much lower than that of seasonal flu, whichhad mandatory vaccinations prior to the has a mortality rate of approximately 0.1%. COVID-19 outbreak. This would definitely Yet, if we were to believe the constantskew results, especially the death toll.alarms and fear spewed out by the main- Noakes also aptly observed that There stream media, then we would thinkasis no agreed test for Covid-19. The usual most people have been led to believethatone is a PCR test for pneumonia. If you huge numbers of people all over the Worldhave it, they now reclassify it as COVID-are dying from the COVID-19 disease. That19. They may reclassify all of this yearslatest exaggeration. Worse than that, we are is simply not true, as Dr. John Lee makes17,000 flu deaths as COVID-19 deaths. Thebeing completely sold down the river to-clear in his Spectator article. Our controlledscience stinks. wards slavery with the loss of not only our media, however, has its marching ordersWhat we are looking at here is a world- health freedoms but our political freedoms and it is not about to let something likewide situation where none of the authori- as wellall based upon a lie.the truth stand in its way. The most recentties really have a clue as to what is going example of the mass-medias lies can beon or how to deal with it and yet they areA Bioweapon Gotten Loose?found in CBS News outright false reportmaking life-and-death decisions that affectPredicted by Dr. Fauci some three years that New York City hospitals are over- billions, shutting down businesses rightearlier,thissurprisecoronavirusepi-whelmed by coronavirus cases. Not havingandleft,throwingpeopleoutofwork,demic was perhaps even planned in ad-any such photos to use, CBS News simplyhalting international air travel, and shut- vance. Consider Event 201, a pandemic aired a Sky News photo of an Italian hos- tering people in their own homes. It is as iftabletop event held on October 18, 2019, pital instead. someone gave machine guns to a troop ofandsponsoredbytheBillandMelinda The truth is that American hospitals arechimpanzees! GatesFoundation,theWorldEconomic not overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases.Peter Hitchens, writing for The DailyForum, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Unfortunately, with the mainstream mediaMail on March 14, 2020, agreed when heHealth Security. The Event unfolded in New flat out lying to us all about how over- wrote,EpidemicdisastershavebeenYork City with a simulated coronavirus ep-flowing with coronavirus cases these hos- predictedmanytimesbeforeandhaveidemic very similar to the current one but pitals are, it has taken citizen journalists tonot been anything like as bad as feared.with a fictitious one originating on Brazilian ferret out the truth. The former editor of The Times, Sir Simonpig farms. The Event hosted such notables To what extent will we put up with theJenkins, recently listed these unfulfilledas Dr. George Gao (Director of the Chinese blatant lies coming from the governmentscares: bird flu did not kill the predictedversion of the CDC), Avril Haines (former and the news media? Checking the sta- millions in 1997. In 1999, it was Mad CowCIA Deputy Director), Rear Admiral Ste-tistics out of the European Monitoring ofDiseaseanditshumanvariant,vCJD,phenRedd(CDC),andAdrianThomas Excess Mortality for Public Health Actionwhich was predicted to kill half a million.(VP of Johnson & Johnson), among numer-website (EuroMomo), even the untrained,Fewer than 200 in fact died from it in theous others. It is no bizarre coincidence that amateur eye can see that the death rate soUK. The first SARS outbreak of 2003 wasgovernment drills and other such staged far has been lower than in previous years!reported as having a 25 per cent chance ofevents happen either on the exact same day Are we willing to destroy countries aroundkilling tens of millions and being worseas the real event or else shortly before. The the World over a bad case of the flu? than AIDS. In 2006, another bout of bird9/11 terrorist drills staged the same day as flu was declared the first pandemic of thethe attack are just one famous example.No Accurate Test 21st Century. There were similar warningsThe Wuhan research lab is just one of Besides, the so-called COVID-19 testin 2009, that swine flu could kill 65,000. Itmany such laboratories that research and is faulty with many false positives. Falsedid not. The Council of Europe describeddevelop deadly bioweapons for war. It has positives for the COVID-19 coronavirusthe hyping of the 2009 pandemic as one ofthe highest security rating for viral research can be up to 50%. Others say up to 75%.the great medical scandals of the century. in China. Some critics have implicated the This is because the current standard PCRWe are being taken for fools with thisWuhan facility in creating the kind of coro-H ealtHF reedomN ews / s priNg2020 9HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 9 4/29/20 10:18 AM'