b'mune system will often do the rest. Note:3. A strong immune system is really theBy way of disclosure, I am a paid consul-onlysignificantprotectionanindi- tant to LivOn Labs. I am only comfortable vidual has, unless, of course, an indi- recommendingtheirliposome-encapsu-vidual can completely eliminate thelated products, including Vitamin C. Al-possibility of virus exposure, whichthough liposome products are available is virtually impossible. from a variety of other vendors, many con-4. Agreatdealofimmune-systemtain no liposomes at all. Also, contrary to strength,possiblymostofit,comespopular belief, there are no liposomes in fromtheVitamin-Ccontentinthemany homemade versions of liposome immunecells.WhenthelevelsofVitamin C. (See my article at https://www.Vitamin C in the body are low, thepeakenergy.com/articles/nh20140411/immunesystemcanneverfunctionExposing-the-truth-about-liposo-at full capacity. There are many mea- mal-nutrients)suresthatcanstrengthenandsup-port the immune system, but regularEndnotessupplementationofVitaminCwith1. Levy TE, Vitamin C prevents vaccina-multi-gram doses (2,000 mg daily ortion side effects; increases effectiveness, more) is probably the single most im- Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, 8:7 portantpreventivemeasure.Much(2012),athttp://orthomolecular.org/re-larger doses can be given if it is deter- sources/omns/v08n07.shtml.mined that the virus has already been2. Levy TE, Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, contracted. If IV Vitamin C is avail- Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, 3rd edition, able, this is optimal. But always takeMedfoxPublishing(2011),ISBN-13:978-as much as can be afforded and toler- 0977952021.ated, in both liposome-encapsulated3. Ibid.; supra, Levy; Levy TE, Primal Pana-form and sodium ascorbate powder,cea, 2nd print edition, Medfox Publishing and by intravenous administration. (2011), ISBN-13: 978-0983772804.5. Follow the magnesium-chloride reg- 4. Carr AC & Maggini S, Vitamin C andDr. Robert Bob C. Beck, D.Sc.imendiscussedabovebuttaketheImmuneFunction,Nutrients,9(2017),Truly a man ahead of his time, Bob Beck recommended doses four times dailypii:E1211.doi:10.3390/nu9111211,atrecognized that the health challenges during a time of active infection. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/many people face can be addressed 6. The virus grows rapidly in the mucosa29099763; Spoelstra-de Man AME, Elberseffortlessly and painlessly through some of the naso- and oropharynx. It is thisPWG, Oudemans-Van Straaten HM, Vita- very basic technology. quickly growing reservoir of virusmin C: should we supplement? Curr OpinThe Beck Protocol consists ofthat continues to feed the viral pres- Crit Care, 24:248-255 (2018), at https://www. four parts which work together, encethroughoutthebodyandsus- ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29864039. helping the body to heal itself:tain the infected state. Nebulization5. Ibid.with 3% hydrogen peroxide quickly6.DeanC,TheMagnesiumMiracle,2nd Micropulsing, also known as blood destroys all or most of this source ofedition, Ballantine Books (2017), ISBN-13:electrification or blood cleansingvirus, and the body, with the help of978-0399594441; Levy TE, Magnesium: Re- using microcurrentsVitamin C and magnesium, can thenversing Disease, Medfox Publishing (2019), Pulsed Electro-magnetic Fields mop up the rest of the virus andISBN-13 978-0998312408. (PEMF)rapidly accelerate clinical resolution. Ionic Colloidal SilverThis is arguably the most importantThis article first appeared on January 29, intervention to rapidly eradicate any2020,OrthomolecularMedicineNewsSer-Ozonated Watersystemic viral infection. Also, if avail- vice,athttp://orthomolecular.org/sub-able,ozonetreatmentsofthebloodscribe.html;http://orthomolecular.org/can further accelerate the clinical res- resources/omns/index.shtmlolution of infections such as the coro-navirus.H ealtHF reedomN ews /s priNg2020 21HFN_SPRING-2020_4-29-2020-FINAL.indd 21 4/29/20 10:18 AM'