b'could give the reassurance that the thera-When none of the above three options peutic goal has been achieved. are readily available, a comparable pos-Until more data is accumulated on theseitive clinical impact will be seen with approaches,itisprobablyadvisable,ifthe proper supplementation of regular possible, to periodically reconfirm the nor- forms of oral Vitamin C as sodium ascor-malcy of both the D-dimer blood test andbate or ascorbic acid. Either of these can [Case 2] the dark field blood examination to helpbe taken daily in three divided doses A third adult who received the vaccina- assure that no new spike-protein synthesisapproaching bowel tolerance after the tion 30 days earlier also had severe rouleauxhas resumed. This is particularly importantindividual determines their own unique formation on her dark field blood examina- since some patients who are clinically nor- needs (for additional information, see tion, and this was also completely resolvedmal and symptom-free following COVID- Levy, Vitamin C Guide in References; after applying the ozonated saline infusion19 infection have been found to have theCathcart, 1981). followedbytheVitamin-Cinfusion.OfCOVID-19 virus persist in the fecal matter note, similar abnormal dark field micros- for an extended period of time (Chen et al., An excellent way to support any or all copy findings were found in other individ- 2020; Patel et al., 2020; Zuo et al., 2020). Anyof the above measures for improving uals following Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnsonsignificant immune challenge or new patho- Vitamin-Clevelsinthebodyisnow & Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations. gen exposure facilitating a renewed surgeavailable and very beneficial clinically. A of COVID-19 virus replication could resultsupplemental polyphenol complex that Preventing and Treating Chronicin a return of COVID-19 symptoms in suchappears to help many to overcome the COVID-19 and COVID-19-Vaccinepersons if the virus cannot be completelyepigenetic defect preventing the internal Complications eliminated from the body. synthesis of Vitamin C in the liver can be In addition to the mechanisms alreadyA suggested protocol (to be coordinatedtaken once daily. This supplement also discussed by which the spike protein canwith the guidance of your chosen healthappears to provide the individual with inflict damage, it appears that the spikecare provider) can be found here: the ability to produce and release even protein itself is significantly toxic. Suchgreater amounts of Vitamin C directly intrinsic toxicity (ability to cause the ox- 1. For individuals who are post-vaccinationinto the blood in the face of infectionidation of biomolecules) combined withor symptomatic with chronic COVID-19,and other sources of oxidative stress the apparent ability of the spike protein toVitamin C should be optimally dosed,(www.formula216.com).replicate itself like a complete virus greatlyand it should be kept at a high but lesser increase the amount of toxic damage thatdose daily indefinitely.2.Hydrogenperoxide(HP)nebulization can potentially be inflicted. A potent toxin(Levy, 2021, free eBook) is an antiviral is bad enough, but one that can replicate Ideally, an initial intravenous adminis- and synergistic partner with Vitamin C, and increase its quantity inside the bodytration of 25 to 75 grams of Vitamin Cand it is especially important in deal-aftertheinitialencounterrepresentsashouldbegivendependingonbodying with acute or chronic COVID-19, or unique challenge among toxins. And, ifsize.Althoughoneinfusionwouldwith post-COVID-19 vaccination issues. the mechanism of replication can be sus- likely resolve the symptoms and abnor- Asnotedabove,theCOVID-19virus tained indefinitely, the long-term challengemal blood examination, several morecan persist in the stool. In such cases, a to staying healthy can eventually becomeinfusions can be given, if feasible, overchronic pathogen colonization (CPC) of insurmountable. Nevertheless, this toxic- the next few days.the COVID-19 virus in the throat contin-ity also allows it to be effectively targetedually supplying virus that is swallowed by high enough doses of the ultimate anti-An option that would likely prove tointo the gut is likely present as well, even toxin, Vitamin C, as discussed above. Andbe sufficient and would be much morewhen the patient seems to be clinically even the potential continued production ofreadily available to larger numbers ofnormal. This will commonly be the case spike protein can be neutralized by a daily,patients would be one or more roundswhen specific viral eradication measures multi-gram dosing of Vitamin C, which isof Vitamin C given as a 7.5-gram IV (in- were not taken during the clinical course an excellent way to support optimal long- travenous) push over roughly 10 min- oftheCOVID-19infection.HPnebu-term health, anyway. utes, avoiding the need for a completelization will clear out this CPC, which As was noted in an earlier article (Levy,intravenous infusion setup, a prolongedwill stop the continued seeding of the 2021), there appear to be multiple ways totime in a clinic, and substantially greaterCOVID-19 virus in the gut and stool as deal with spike protein effectively. The ap- expense (Riordan-Clinic-IVC-Push-Pro- well. Different nebulization approaches proaches to preventing and treating chronictocol, 10.16.14.pdf).are discussed in the eBook.COVID-19 and COVID-19-vaccine compli-cations are similar, except that it would Additionally, or alternatively, if IV is3. When available, ozonated saline and/orappear that both a completely normal D-di- not available, 5 grams of a true lipo- ozone autohemotherapy infusions are ex-mer blood test combined with a completelysome-encapsulated Vitamin C can becellent. Conceivably, this approach alone normal dark field examination of the bloodgiven orally daily for at least one week.might suffice to knock out the spike-pro-H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021 23'