b'Canceling the Spike ProteinStriking Visual EvidenceBY THOMAS E. LEVY, M.D., J.D.N o issue in the history of med- oxidized (lose electrons) they can no longerto provoke increased blood clotting (throm-icine has been as strident andperform their normal chemical or metabolicbosis) (Biswas et al., 2021; Lundstrom et al., polarized as that of the risk/ functions. No toxin can cause any clinical2021). Viral infections in general have been benefit profiles of the varioustoxicity unless biomolecules end up becom- foundtocausecoagulopathiesresulting COVID-19vaccinesbeingadministereding oxidized. The unique array of biomol- in abnormal blood clotting (Subramaniam around the World. This article does noteculesthatbecomeoxidizeddeterminesand Scharrer, 2018). Critically ill COVID-19 seek to clarify this issue to the satisfactionthe nature of the clinical condition result- ICU patients demonstrated elevated D-di-of either the pro-vaccine or the anti-vaccineing from a given toxin exposure. There ismer levels roughly 60% of the time (Iba et advocates. However, all parties should re- no disease present in a cell involved in aal., 2020). An elevated D-dimer test result is alize that some toxicity does result in somegiven medical condition beyond the distri- almost an absolute confirmation of abnor-vaccinated individuals some of the time,bution and degree of biomolecules that aremal blood clotting taking place somewhere and that such toxicity can sometimes beoxidized. Rather than causing disease,in the body. Such clots can be microscopic, unequivocally attributed to the precedingthe state of oxidation in a grouping of bio- at the capillary level, or much larger, even administrationofthevaccine.Whethermolecules is the disease. involving the thrombosis of large blood ves-this toxicity occurs often enough and withWhen antioxidants can donate electronssels. Higher D-dimer levels that persist in great enough severity in vaccinated personsback to oxidized biomolecules (reduction),COVID-19 patients appear to directly cor-to be of greater concern than dealing withthe normal function of these biomolecules isrelate with significantly increased morbid-the contraction and evolution of COVID-19restored (Levy, 2019). This is the reason whyity and mortality (Naymagon et al., 2020; infections remains the question for manysufficient antioxidant therapy, such as canPaliogiannis et al., 2020; Rostami and Man-people. be achieved by highly-dosed intravenoussouritorghabeh, 2020).Practically speaking, it does not matterVitamin C, has proven to be so profoundlyPlatelets, the elements of the blood that whether an adverse event that occurs aftereffective in blocking and even reversingcan get sticky and both initiate and help a vaccination gets blamed on the vaccina- the negative clinical impact of any toxin orgrow the size of blood clots, will generally tion. Such a matter may never get resolved.poison. There exists no toxin against whichdemonstrate declining levels in the blood at The issue of greatest concern is whether thatVitamin C has been tested that has not beenthe same time D-dimer levels are increas-adverse event can be clinically resolved ifeffectively neutralized (Levy, 2002). Thereing, since their stores are being actively not effectively prevented, and whether anyis no better way to save a patient clinicallydepleted.Apost-vaccinationsyndrome long-term damage to the body can be pre- poisoned by any agent than by immedi- known as vaccine-induced prothrombotic vented once an adverse event is recognized.ately administering a sizeable intravenousimmune thrombocytopenia (VIPIT) with The remainder of this article will addressinfusion of sodium ascorbate. The additionthese very findings has been described (Fa-the etiologies of such damage along withof magnesium chloride to the infusion isvaloro, 2021; Iba et al., 2021; Scully et al., measures that can mitigate or even resolvealso important to protect against sudden2021; Thaler et al., 2021). Vaccinations have such damage. life-threatening arrhythmias that can occuralso been documented to cause bleeding before a sufficient number of the newly-oxi- syndromes due to autoimmune reactions Toxins and Oxidative Stress dized biomolecules can be reduced and anyresulting in low platelet levels (Perricone et All toxins ultimately inflict their dam- remaining toxin is neutralized and excreted. al., 2014).age by directly oxidizing biomolecules, orThis can create some confusion clinically, by indirectly resulting in the oxidation ofAbnormal Blood Clotting as chronically low platelet levels by them-those biomolecules (proteins, sugars, fats,BoththeCOVID-19vaccineandtheselves can promote clinical syndromes of enzymes, etc.). When biomolecules becomeCOVID-19 infection have been documentedincreased bleeding rather than increased 20 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'