b'to 8.3% being reported, with the lat- not even available in the United ter percentage coming from the CDCStatesfor ages 16 and older. Yet, itself. 6 this FDA-generated confusion has OnOctober22,2021,theCDCled to Americans thinking that the released VAERS data that showedPfizer shot is FDA approved. It is 818,044 reports of adverse events innot. At least the one used in the all age groups following COVID-19U.S. is not.vaccines,including17,128deathsAlloftheshotsavailablein and 122,833 serious injuries for theAmerica are still under an EUA period from December 14, 2020, toand it is a violation of Federal law October 15, 2021. The true death rateto force people in any way to use in America from the COVID-19 vac- medical products on the market cines appears to be closer to 200,000pursuant only to an EUA. In par-people, significantly more than fromticular,Federallaw21U.S.C. the coronavirus itself. 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) requires Perhaps criminally, the CDC hasthat the person to whom an EUA been busy scrubbing from the re- vaccineisadministeredbead-cords real COVID-19 vaccine inju- vised, of the option to accept or riesanddeaths,accordingtoDr.refuse administration of the prod-PeterMcCullough,themost-citeduct [meaning a drug, device or medical doctor on COVID-19. 7Thebiological product], of the con-government lies yet again, this timesequences, if any, of refusing ad-statistically. ministration of the product, and of Moreover,noneofthesevac- the alternatives to the product that cines are as effective as they wereare available and of their benefits originally touted to be! 8Most of the newthe FDA issued two press releases, one ofand risks. See also Chamber of Commerce of COVID-19 cases in 2021 are emerging fromwhich updated the Emergency Use Autho- U.S. v. Reich, 74 F.3d 1324, at 1339 (D.C. Cir. the vaccinated and not the non-vaccinated.rization (EUA) for a Pfizer vaccine while1995), where the court struck down Pres-Eventhevaccinemanufacturersdonotanother approved a Pfizer vaccine. Confu- ident Clintons executive order as being claim that their vaccines will keep you fromsion ensued from these two press releasesin violation of an existing statute. Here, catching or passing on to others COVID-19recklessly, or deliberately, comingling theBidens executive order ordering the Occu-infections, only that the vaccine will lessenPfizer vaccine that had its EUA updatedpational Safety and Health Administration the symptoms. In fact, the countries withwith the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine that(OSHA)toissueworkplacerulesman-the highest vaccination rates are also theis unavailable in the United States. Moredating experimental injections violates 21 very ones experiencing the highest numberspecifically,theFDAonlyapprovedtheU.S.C. 360bbb, which forbids experimental of COVID-19 cases. 9 new Comirnaty COVID-19 shotwhich isprocedures performed upon persons with-Keep in mind that none of these vaccines have been adequately tested. The persons being injected are the only test subjects! And their immune systems are being per-manently and irreversibly damaged. 10Lie #7: Hospitals Are the Best Place to TreatCOVID-19.TheCDCprotocolfor treatingCOVID-19infectionsisoneof costly, deadly, and ineffective pharmaceu-tical overtreatment and use of ventilators. There is no provision made in the CDC pro-tocol for the use of life-saving hydroxychlo-roquine or Ivermectin, or even intravenous (IV) Vitamin C. 11It is statistically proven that most of the patients who die in hospi-tals of COVID-19 actually died of either a co-morbidity or of medical malpractice. Hospitals truly have a license to kill.Lie #8: A COVID-19 Vaccine Has Been FDA-Approved.On August 23-24, 2021, H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021 9'