b'virus) and promoted the swine flu vac-cine as a safe deterrent. These were lies. Giving money and power to government is likeThe vaccine increased miscarriage risks giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.in pregnant women in the U.S., pro-voked a spike in adolescent narcolepsyP.J. ORourke inScandinavia,andtriggeredfebrile convulsions in one in every 110 vacci-nated children in Australia, all while the CDC inflated the number of these med-ported to be a promise from the Germancostly Vietnam War. ical cases. 1Kaiser to the Mexican government that if Mexico would enter the war against1985-PresentBoth the FDA and aspar- 2015-2016The World Health Organi-the United States, then upon victory,tames manufacturer covered up studieszation (WHO) sounded the alarm over Mexico would receive back Texas, Newshowing the neurotoxic effects of aspar- the Zika virus as the cause for a rash Mexico, Arizona, and parts of California.tame, and this artificial sweetener is inof microcephaly (small brain) cases in Why Germany would even send thismore widespread use today than ever.infants in Brazil. Reflecting badly once telegram when the U.S. was not at warDr.BettyMartiniandNHFcontinueagainontheWHOsreputation,this with Germany was never adequately ex- the fight to remove aspartame from ourwas a false alarm as there was no asso-plained, but gullible Americans believedfood supply. ciation between the Zika virus and the that it was true. microcephaly cases, which instead arose 1990-PresentBoth the FDA and Mon- from toxic-pesticide exposure and other 1932-1972For40years,600Afri- santoliedandcontinuetolietothecauses, as pointed out in the Spring 2016 can-Americanmenmostofwhompublic about the safety of GMO foods,issue of Health Freedom News. 2were uneducated Alabama sharecrop- whileconfrontedwithstudyresults perswere part of an unethical medicalthat showed one-third of rats force-fed2020-2021The biggest and most stu-experiment that the U.S. Public HealthGMO foods developed stomach lesionspendous government lies and trickery Service conducted on them under theand several died. As GMO expert Jeffreyof all have used the COVID-19 Fauci guise of free health care. Not only didSmith observed, Monsanto has got badcoronavirus as an excuse for the destruc-the government lie to these men so thatscience down to a science. tion of our political and health freedoms it could study the effects of syphilis, butthrough lockdowns, vaccine passports, it also withheld effective treatments. 2001The attack on 9/11 brought both aand censorship, all to control a pan-new war, a War on Terrorism and yetdemic that more than 99.5% of the pop-1941The Japanese sneak attack atfurther restrictions on our liberties, allulation survives.Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islandsbased upon a set of lies told to us by the was anything but a sneak attack sincemainstream media and our government:Governments Lie All the TimeAmericancodebreakershadalreadythatadozenterroristshadbroughtThey cannot help it. Its in the nature of warned President Roosevelt of the im- down three World Trade Center towersgovernments to lie so that they can stay in pendingattack,whoslylykeptthein New York. We have learned since thatpower. Whether it is talking to its citizens warning to himself so that he could getday that the three buildings pancakedabout social benefits, immigration policies, Americansangryenoughtodemandtoo perfectly in controlled demolitions,or food safety, governments lie. As the film U.S. entry into World War II. one of which was actually admitted to,character James Bond once remarked in the by Deep-State operatives, all to start an- movie Goldeneye, Governments change1964The Warren Commission con- other liberty-forfeiting war. the lies stay the same.ductedanelaboratelycontrivedcov- Whypeoplecontinuetobelieveany-er-upoftheJFKassassinationthe2003The war against Iraq was launchedthing that government officials say is one of previous year. The Warren Commissionby the United States on the false chargeLifes eternal mysteries. After all, men and Report was filled with one lie after an- that Iraq was somehow involved in 9/11women in public service are no different other to fool the World into thinking thatand also possessed Weapons of Massthan any others, no matter what their pro-one man alone killed the U.S. President. Destruction. Both charges were lies but,fessions. They put on their trousers one leg once again, disproved too late to stopat a time just like the rest of us and are im-1964In the Gulf of Tonkin Incident,another costly war. bued with no special qualities or sainthood. the Johnson Administration concocted aIndeed, the opposite is usually the case be-false story of a North Vietnamese naval2009The Centers for Disease Con- cause government officials, elected or not, attack by patrol boats on U.S. destroyerstrol and Prevention (CDC) and Dr. An- are rarely held responsible for their mis-to justify its massive expansion of Amer- thony Fauci warned the World aboutdeeds, have no real feedback mechanism ican involvement in the disastrous andthe deadly swine flu (H1N1 influenzato tell them whether they are performing H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021 7'