b'properly or not, and largely keepcontradicts the congressional testi-their jobs until they retire, or Godmony of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who decides to retire them. called U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Businesses can go bankrupt andKY) a liar for having said that locktheirdoors.GovernmentsFauci was lying. In fact. Senator might, from time to time, go bank- Paul was correct, Fauci did (and rupt, but they stay in business. Anddoes) lie and let people die.the constant stream of lies supportLie #3: Asymptomatic People theircontinuedexistencebecauseSpread COVID-19. In 2020, the there are enough gullible voters andstory was spread by government vested interests to keep them goingofficials and experts that asymp-despite all of the suffering, harm,tomatic individuals with COVID-anddeathscausedbytheirmis- 19 could spread the virus to others. deeds and lies. Sadly, those who callThisdisinformationspreadyet for more and bigger government aremore fear among the population simply calling for less freedom andandsupportedcallsforlock-more poverty. downs. Yet, this lie had no basis and was soon disproven. 4COVID-19 Trickery Lie#4:LockdownMeasures Lie #1: Millions Will Die. In theWill Be Temporary. Still, as the Winter2019issueofHealthFree- opening months of the year 2020 dom News, NHF was one of the firstadvanced,themediaandgov-to publicly break the story of theernment alarm bells kept ringing COVID-19 scam with an article byeven more insistently about this Bill Sardi showing that the risk ofdeadly pandemic. With the peo-dying from COVID-19 was extremely small,governmentofficialsputforththestoryple stampeded into full-bore fear mode, even if one were in the so-called high riskthat this coronavirus had sprung forth fromStep Two of the plan was enacted, which age bracket. Despite the low risk, both theChinese who had bought bats at an out- included temporary lockdowns (another mainstreammediaandthegovernmentdoor market and then cooked and eatenlie), mandated mask wearing, and an en-were propagating the tale that millionsthem. This was a blatant lie; and one thattirely new phrase to us, social distancing. would die from this novel and deadlywe all know now is far different from theAs we all know now, the temporary lock-coronavirus. That was a flat-out lie and theytrue story, as recently admitted by the Na- downs became long-term and even more knew it. tional Institutes of Health (NIH), whichsevere. New lies were heaped upon old lies, Lie #2: COVID-19 Arose From Nature.funded the actual gain of function (bio- and the fearful populace fell for them.Asallmayrecall,inearly2020,whenlogical warfare) research in Wuhan that cre- Lie #5: Lockdowns and Masks Will Save COVID-19 first came to our consciousness,ated COVID-19. 3NIHs admission directlyLives. In the Spring 2020 issue of Health Freedom News, my own article about the COVID-19 fraud being perpetrated upon the World appeared and described the harm caused to billions around the World. It was clear even then that the media and govern-ments were lying and that the lockdowns and other mandates and measures were causing more collateral damage on multiple fronts than COVID-19 itself. 5Lie #6: COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe and Effective.ThenationalVaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which had been created to keep track of notable adverse events associated with vaccines, typically(andveryseriously)under-re-portssuchadversereactions,including most recently those from the COVID-19 ex-perimental injections. The estimates of un-der-reporting range from only 1% of deaths and serious adverse events being reported 8 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'