b'MORIAH WHORTONThe 2021 Tim MorrowMemorial Award WinnerA fter careful consideration ofvice for daily health, including a number of qualified candi- Moriah. The contrast of being dates for the 2021 Tim Mor- raisedbyamedicalprofes-row Memorial Award, we aresionalturnedholisticnutri-happy to announce that the NHF commit- tionist provided Moriah with tee chaired by Mrs. Evitta Morrow selectedabroadspectrumofhealth Ms. Moriah Whorton as the 2021 studentviews. Above all, she was al-awardee. Along with the beautiful plaque,ways taught that her body is Moriah will receive a check for $1,000 froma temple, so she should do her the sponsor Common Sense Herbal Prod- best to care for it. ucts based in Torrance, California. Ironically, now that Moriah Moriah Whorton is a 17-year-old seniorhasgrownupandiscapa-in high school, currently enrolled in West- ble of making her own health ern Christian High Schools Private Satel- choices, she often finds herself lite Program. She has been homeschooledstill following the same health for as long as she can remember. Becausestandards that she would pre-of this, Moriah has always been in or nearviously find annoying. She home and available to be taught how to fol- hasalsocometorealizethe low a healthy lifestyle. This careful teachingimportanceofhealthtoher mainly comes from her mother, who alwayslifestyle, especially as a club takes special care to notice how differentsoccer athlete currently pursu-diets and different ingredients might affecting an athletic scholarship. In Moriah and her siblings, both individuallyfact, she rarely falls ill, and if and as a family. she does, then it is something very minorfor freedom in every area of life, which in-As a former nurse, Moriahs mothers especially when compared to most of hercludes being able to live a healthy lifestyle knowledge of the human body combinedteen counterparts who routinely miss outof ones own choice free from unnecessary with her personal experiences with naturalon classes and practices due to catching agovernment control. As Moriah puts it so medicine have led many to seek her ad- cold or having stomach pains. Her superiorwell, Everyone should have the option to physical health has also led to better mentalreplace conventional treatments and med-health, which allows Moriah to focus andicine that do not always provide adequate Crossword Puzzle Answers excel in both her athletics and studies.solutions to health crises with traditional Lookingforward,Moriahwillbeat- methods. After all, we live in the land of the tending Vanguard University starting infree and the home of the brave; I simply be-the Fall of 2022. After earning a bachelorslieve it is my duty to ensure it remains free.degree in history and political science, sheWe fully support and wish Moriah the plans to attend the USC Gould School ofvery best in her graduation and all future Law in Los Angeles, California. Not sur- studies, work endeavors, and new projects prisingly, her long-term goal is to becomeahead, and thank all of the other candidates the Attorney General of California, thusfor their participation this year!being in an excellent position to protect theNHF is dedicated to providing additional rights and interests of all citizens through- mentorship and opportunities to as many as out the entire State. possible so that they can connect with the Given Moriahs excellent skills and tal- Worlds oldest health-freedom organization ents, her career choice is the clearest way,by learning about Codex, helping with our in her view, for her to have an impact uponcampaigns, and writing for Health Freedom society. Her very admirable goal is to fightNews or one of our many other venues.28 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'