b'One of the gross errors of modern medicine is to study why people are diseased rather than why they are healthy enough to escape the many maladies that plague mankind.T here are many perplexing ques- tion is desirable for natural immunity tocine at birth. There are another 31 countries tions that go unanswered sinceoccur.that immunize with BCG but do not admin-theCOVID-19pandemicwasAn unexplained anomaly has been thatister BCG booster shots. Adults who were announced by the World Healththe flu has vanished this season. A reportimmunized with BCG at birth appear to be Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. publishedintheJournaloftheAmericanimmune against TB and a variety of other One of them is why young children ap- Medical Association says children didnt getinfectious diseases.pear to be immune to COVID-19? And ifthe flu this 2020-21 season because theyOne report indicates that for every 10% so, pray tell, why are vaccine makers andwore face masks and practiced distancing.increase in BCG coverage there was a 10.4% public health authorities vaccinating theBut that is preposterous. That would meanreduction in COVID-19 mortality. There are young? And, is there a safer non-experi- these practices implausibly prevent the flualso published reports that dispute any pro-mental alternative to vaccination for chil- but not Covid coronavirus infections. Thesetection from COVID-19 infection with BCG dren and adults since the new experimentalare so-called experts saying this. vaccination.ButCOVID-19issofraught RNA/DNA vaccines make guinea pigs outChildren appear to be innately immunewith inaccurate false-positive cases due to a of our children? to severe infection. If face masks and dis- flawed PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, tancing really do prevent infection, thena test that is known to produce pseudo-epi-Casting a Blind Eye they keep children from developing natu- demics, that the true test would be whether to Immunonutrition ral immunity and render them completelyBCG-vaccinated populations develop immu-Is it possible that the increased use of nat- dependent upon immunization with an ex- nity from other infectious diseases.ural remedies kept these children well? perimental RNA/DNA vaccine. Maybe that Immunologists commonly say there isis the true objective. Trained Immunity in the 1930snothing that can be done to boost the im- A phenomenon called trained immunity mune system other than avoid poor nutri- Vitamins to the Rescue? can be induced by exposure to certain vac-tion. This is despite the fact that there areOne explanation is that young childrencines, microbes, or metabolites.major nutrient deficiencies in Vitamin D,have active thymus glands that produceBack in the 1930s, physicians observed zinc, Vitamin C, magnesium, and Vitaminvirus-killing T-cells up to around age 20.that children who were vaccinated for any B1evenamongthewell-fedAmericanThen the thymus gland shrinks and T-cellsreason were less likely to die from other in-populationthatmodernmedicineover- decline drastically.By the way, the provi- fectious diseases such as malaria, leprosy, looks. Vaccines are posed as the only optionsion of supplemental zinc and even Vitaminand respiratory infections. The vaccine that against infectious disease. D helps to prevent thymus gland atrophy. accomplished this broad immunity was the This time, vaccine-happy pediatriciansFor sure, public-health authorities haveBCG vaccine for tuberculosis. The BCG vac-couldnt say that vitamins and minerals arebeen remiss in not recommending nutrientcine seems to prevent more diseases than it unproven when the vaccines themselvesfortification during this pandemic.were experimental and as a class (repro-grammableRNA/DNAvaccines)haveAn Answer to thenever been used in humans before. Question of Childhood ImmunityBut as much as I am an advocate of im- Investigators at the University of Lou-mune-boosting dietary supplements to pre- isville attempted to answer the question vent or treat infectious disease to inducewhy children under age 18 do not contract natural immunity as an alternative to vac- COVID-19, and in answering that question, cination, it is not plausible that kids usedthey also attempt to explain why the BCG vitamins so religiously as to extinguish this(BacillusCalmetteGurin)tuberculosis pandemic. (TB) vaccine appears to confer protection from COVID-19 whenever it is part of a Kids DO Get COVID countrys childhood vaccination schedule.Experts now say kids do get COVID-19,According to one online source, there are but experience very mild symptoms. Infec- 16 countries that inoculate with BCG vac-H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021 13'