b'otherwise promising products. One study revealed 50% of beta-glucan products had no biological activity even at the highest doses!Underutilized Medical TechnologyBeta-glucan is not even on a list of pre-scriptiondrugsandnaturalremedies knowntoquellCOVID-19 symptoms. The promise that beta-glucanoffersisonly dimmedbythevariable quality of beta-glucan sup-plements available commer-cially. Study after study, after study, comparing its ability to ac-tivate antibodies, activate phagocy-tosis (ingestion of foreign particles and germs), produce a significant effect at the lowest dose, activate nitric oxide gas, and caused by infectious inflammation itself,supplementation reduces both the weight ofproduce interferon, were all achieved with this diminished ability to respond to tox- tumors and the number of tumor colonies. a unique branded glucan.insunderliessusceptibilitytoinfectionGiven that current experimental RNA/that commonly occurs in severe infections.Will Any Beta-Glucan DNA vaccines:Beta-glucan can reverse tolerance. This isProduct Do?accomplished by epigenetically reprogram- Over 7,000 published reports describeDo not limit the transmission and spread ming these white blood cells. the various biological effects of glucans.of the COVID-19 virus;But, unfortunately, it is difficult to sort out Already in Use among Animals which commercial products actually work.Nor do they prevent breakthrough The rub is that beta-glucan, and accom- There are differences in molecular weight,re-infections;panying trained immunity, is already beingsolubility, and purity of glucans. Numerous usedinveterinaryapplicationsamongstudies have been done to help sort out theNordotheyaddressthelong-term herds of cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, andconfusion.symptoms of COVID-19; swine,especiallyamonginfantanimalsAn authoritative report states: prone to infection because of their unde- Nor do they address the most current veloped immune systems. Beta-glucan hasOne of the problems is the fact that,COVID-19variantsandthereforere-been used successfully with rabies shots fordespite the overwhelming number of sci- quire endless booster shots; and insteaddogs and works via trained immunity. entific reports, far too many individual Beta-glucan can possibly replace over- glucans have been used that differ widelyThey incessantly produce spike protein, used antibiotics and help to quell the plaguein source, solubility, molecular weight,which opens the cellular doorway for of antibiotic resistance.branching and other characteristics. Alleven more viruses to enter,this leads to confusion, with numerous Vaccine Adjuvant (Enhancer) manufacturers claiming that their glucanit is clearly apparent that something else According to a report published in thepossesses the highest biological activities.must be done. Beta-glucan therapy activates journal Anticancer Research, [T]he commonThe problem of diverse data can be solvedtrained immunity and is safe even for the dogma states that [glucans] act on cellularonly by comparative studies. However,youngest infants and during pregnancy, and immunity only.[G]lucans are now con- scientific reports directly comparing indi- its activity has been proven over time.sidered to have important potential as avidual glucans are limited.part of vaccines. Our results further confirm 2021 Knowledge of Healththat high quality glucans will stimulate an- Comparisons of commercially availableFor references, please see this article at tibody response. It would seem that, in ad- beta-glucanproductsexplainallofthewww.thenhf.com/ how-to-acquire-the-immuni-dition to being a vaccine enhancer, glucanconfusion in the marketplace over thesety-children-have-against-covid-1916 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'