b'CONTENTSFALL 2021/VOLUME 39, NO. 3HEALTH FREEDOM NEWS DEPARTMENTS National Health FederationPublisher Letters to the EditorIn this column, we share your impressions and new Scott TipsEditor-in-Chief comments on the GcMAF trial in Paris, the pandemic, vaccines, autism, and Katherine A. CarrollArticles Editor,other opinions and views in general on various health and health-freedom Director of Finance & Communications topics. Page 4Daniella IvanovaAssistant EditorRussell KasselmanArt Director & Webmaster Breaking News: David Noakes Released from French Prison! On Alex LandryDirector of Operations December 13, 2021, the NHF won a huge victory when it obtained David Peter M. Bisno, Esq.NHF AttorneyNoakes release from prison after a hard-fought trial in the French Court of Greg Glaser, Esq.NHF AttorneyAppeals. Page 5Charles FrohmanNHF Lobbyist Jonathan MiddletonResearcher Advertising Information: 1.626.357.2181 Presidents NoteWhy the Government Keeps Trying to Trick Literature & Circulation: 1.626.357.2181 UsThe all-time, existential question, When will people learn the lessons of National Health Federation history? in its 2021 version with the government using confusing Executive Fred Hart (1888-1975) Founder Orders to trick us into getting COVID-19 injections. Page 62021 Board of Governors & Officers Online Board Elections 2022The NHF announces its upcoming election of Scott Tips, J.D., President members of the Board of Governors to take place online, briefly outlining the Gregory Kunin, Vice President election procedure and some voting details. Page 11David Noakes, ChairmanAlex Landry, Secretary Crossword PuzzleHealth Freedom News presents its latest fun crossword Dr. Murray Susser, M.D., DIPL puzzle crafted especially for the NHF by Master puzzler Myles Mellor.Dan Kenner, Ph.D., LAc Page 25Corinne Buckley Sara Boo Health Bits & PiecesIn this issue, Dan Kenner brings us news and research Michael LeVesque on the microbiome and weight loss, 5G, cardiac vaccine reactions among Dr. Gary G. Kohls, M.D. teenagers, the PUFAs and obesity, and our life-giving natural immunity.Evitta Morrow Page 26Advisory Board Paul Harvey The 2021 Tim Morrow Memorial Award and ScholarshipIlse Van De Wiele (Belgium)Announcement of the winner of this years scholarship Award created in Lisa and Per Hellman (Sweden) memory of NHF Life Member and Master herbalist Tim Morrow. Page 28Jay Newman Marchia Carnicelli Minor Book ReviewDr Betty Martini, D.HUM. introduces us to Double Blind: Morten Krabbe (Denmark)Science, corruption & the Disease of Civilization by Ralph G. Walton, M.D., which Dean Radetsky exposes aspartame, the commonly known and widely used pure chemical Peet Louw (South Africa)poison and its tremendous harms on human health. Page 29Dr. Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D. Sayer JiJosh Lane AnnouncementJohn J. (Jack) Craciun III, NHF Advisory Board Member, Jack Craciun IIIis now also NHFs and FHRs new executive director for marketing and Richard Fischer, D.D.S. fundraising, and he has already hit the ground running. Read a bit about him NHF Financial Consultant here. Page 30Harry D. SchultzFEATURESPrinted on recycled paper. Soy-based inks. Non-toxic & acid-free. Copyright 2021 by the National Health Federation. The National Health Fed- How to Acquire the Immunity Children Have Against COVID-19eration, a nonprofit corporation, at Monrovia, California (P.O. Box 688, Mon- Bill Sardi correlates the superb innate immunity of children against severe rovia, California 91017 USA), publishes 4 issues of Health Freedom News yearly.infection with a certain childhood vaccine and the health benefits of theTelephone 1.626.357.2181, fax 1.626.303.0642. The NHF is a 501(c)(4) non-profit,lesser-known nutritional powerhouse called beta-glucans.Page 12health-advocacy organization and, as such, any contributions to it are not con-sidered deductible by the Internal Revenue Service. Memberships are $45 per year in North America and $81 international. Additional copies of any issues are available for $5.00 each, 25 copies for $75.00, 50 copies for $150.00, plus postageBoard Member IntrospectiveEvitta MorrowA Lifetime of Giving and handling. All rights reserved. The opinions of the authors of articles containedNHF President Scott Tips shares a detailed account of Evittas fascinating life, herein are not necessarily those of the National Health Federation, but are offeredand her passion for health, all while actively working to help countless people to stimulate inquiry into alternative methodologies. Products advertised are not toon their own journey to health. Page 17be considered endorsed or approved by the NHF. Submissions of previously un-published manuscripts to be considered for publication are welcomed. Those sub-mitting such manuscripts are advised that budget constraints do not permit Health Freedom News to offer monetary compensation for articles that are published andCanceling the Spike Protein Dr. Thomas Levy provides us with the all manuscripts submitted become the property of the National Health Federationbest, safest, and possibly single most viable and valuable protocol and and cannot be returned unless specifically requested and self addressed stampedrecommendations for successful treatment of COVID-19 infections and envelopes are provided for that purpose. Disclaimer: The National Health Federa- possible post-COVID-19-vaccine complications. Page 20tion does not necessarily agree or disagree with the views expressed by authors of articles appearing in this magazine. Their right to express these views, however, is consistent with our belief in freedom of speech (1st Amendment), freedom of practice for the physician, and freedom of choice for the layman. 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