b'was actually designed to prevent.Seven or eight days after the onset ofaddress future viral variants.Another example of entrainment of theinitial symptoms, the Adaptive ImmunePublic health officials are coercing the immune system was when the smallpoxSystem kicks in and produces germ-kill- entire Worlds human population to be in-vaccination was introduced about 200 yearsing B-cells (from bone marrow) and T-cellsjected against each and every new COVID-ago, and up to its discontinuation in 1980,(from the thymus gland) to produce long- 19variant.Thereareplanstoproduce physicians noticed that it afforded protec- term antibodies and memory T-cells thatendless booster shots for every infectious tion against the measles, scarlet fever, andthen provide ongoing protection and pre- variant of this coronavirus. Just wait until whooping cough. This is now known asvention. That is why colds or the flu last athe vaccine makers start producing RNA/trained immunityacquired via an agentfew days before symptoms dissipate as ourDNA vaccines against other viruses. that guides the innate immune cells to pro- adaptive immunity is activated. But there is another major, though un-vide long-term immunity. expected, development that needs to be Trained Immunity Operatesrevealed.TRIM Independently from Adaptive In immunology lingo, trained immunityImmunityThe New Discoveryis called TRIM, short for Trained Immunity,The University of Louisville immunolo- There is a natural molecule that re-trains which runs counter to the current dogmagists claim that trained immunity results inthe immune system to produce long-term taught in medical schools. the production of white blood cells calledimmunitywithorwithoutvaccination. macrophagesandmonocytesthathaveAlthough fairly well known by immunol-Current Dogma been entrained to exude long-term immuneogists, most of the public has not yet heard It is commonly taught that the humanproperties. Trained immunity also edu- aboutanaturalmoleculethatproduces bodyfirstrespondstoinfectiousagentscatesthe AdaptiveImmuneSystemtotrained immunity.(pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi)produce more potent T-cells. The natural molecule that has remained in by activation of an army of white bloodobscurity is derived from bakers yeast cells. cells, namely neutrophils, monocytes, mac- The Current Problem It is called beta-glucan. It is widely available rophages, and natural killer cells. This isCold and flu viruses mutate so rapidlyas a dietary supplement and is easier to ad-called the Innate Immune response.thatvaccinescannotpossiblykeepup.minister than shots with needles.Innate immunity produces broad protec- Conventional vaccines require a laboriousBeta-glucan is a natural string of solu-tion against any and all pathogens but doesprocess of being cultivated in chicken eggs.ble, sugar-like molecules called polysac-not produce long-term memory immunity.But now, the new RNA/DNA coronaviruscharides that are found in the cell wall of Or, at least that is what most medical text- vaccines are created in a day, making it pos- bacteria and fungi; and it is often obtained books teach today.sible to rapidly produce booster shots thatfrom bakers yeast cells (do not think it will 14 H ealtHF reedomN ews /F all2021'